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    tournament mode crash.please help

    after clean profile from my documents fifa07 don t work.please help me because i wanna play some tournament mode fifa07.
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    Only rosters:FIFA rank update to 5 march 2014

    here i ve post after fifa rank all national teams in 10 teams for pack: Update 10 april 2014 1.Spain 2.Germany 3.Portugal 4.Colombia 5.Uruguay 6.Argentina 7.Brazil 8.Switzerland 9.Italy 10.Greece part one:link:
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    Brazuca ball official wc 2014 brazil

    i ve found on the net a version texture for pes of brazuca ball.i ve post here in hope help for found o models for this texture. here image with texture: screen capture windows 7 enjoy it!
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    World Cup of clubs Marocco 2013

    let s go to make this patch for fifa 07.who make kits and minikits? i ve still work at rosters update Teams participants: Africa Al Ahly SC Raja Casablanca Asia Guangzhou Evergrande FC Europe FC Bayern München North and Central America CF Monterrey Oceania Auckland City FC South America...
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    number of reserves help

    Anybody knows if it is possible to do something about the number of reserves for each specific league? for example Skrill Premier League are only five reserve bank. best championships seven. but the final tournament in dams sit on the bench all players. something can be done? I would be...
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    db for fifa 07 from fifa 14 ps2-help!

    i have db from fifa 14 ps2.i ve understand from jorchon from past year it easy to convrert for fifa 07 full actualization with db master 07.whom?please help me.and in this forum is somebody who know this job teach us or put in this thread db modificated from fifa 14 ps2.sorry for my english
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    cm 07 with windows 7 help

    Before when I look at my windows xp ,cm 07,30 players show me in the space areas where it was when I installed windows 7 I show only 23 spaces.what is the problem causes? was better before they show 30 players.wait help concretly.thank you Antes cuando miro a mi Windows XP cm 07,30...
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    New projects

    who help me for this projects with kits and oher things? how do i print screen Moldova National Division screen shot Veikkausliiga Finland image hosting facebook Tippeligaen Norway snagit Corgoň Liga Slovakia free photo hosting 3.Liga Germany image upload
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    Poll.New mega project fifa 07 13-14 update

    fiferos 07
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    Mini Kits season 2012-2013

    Minikits Gambrinus Liga 2012-2013 BANIK OSTRAVA
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    Minikits for League Two England 2012-2013

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    Minikits German 3 Liga 2012-2013

    SpVgg Unterhaching
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    Minikits Liga Mexicana 12-13

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    Minikits and kits for Bundesliga 2 project

    TSV 1860 MUNCHEN
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    All colection kits maded by me 2012-2013

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    Script for resized minikits fifa07

    Does anybody know how to make a script with adobe photoshop to resize minikits to the size of the game? Thanks for the help
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    Serie B new kits 2012-2013

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    African Cup of Nations 2013-South Africa patch

    Who help me at this project?With kits,minikits and others things for finishing this patch?Waiting your help.Thanks
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    cafusa ball 2014 world cup brazil here link of new ball cafusa.thanks to skils rooney for amazing ball present.enjoy it!
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    New kits for Aircity League Ireland 2012-2013

    UCD H/A/GK