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    Beginner only online blows!

    Let's all hope someone - ANYONE!!! - can make a patch to allow us to choose the difficulty levels for online play. As it stands right now, what with defenders being ****e, keepers being ****e, online is a joke, even with great connections. Fix it!!!:swear2: FIFA has.... Originally Posted by...
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    Oprah goes to the doctor with a cold. Doctor tells her to strip off naked, get up on the table, and put her feet in the stir-ups. "I don't see how this will help my cold?" says Oprie "Oh it won't" says the Doc, "I just wanted to see what pink shutters look like on a black house" :bob:
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    North American online WEPES2007 PC

    Am I the only one that is NOT seeing anything other than Hong Kong players on WEPES2007 PC WTF???:mad:
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    PES 2007 online....

    Anyone tried it yet??? Bollz.................
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    WE2007 - anyone p;ayed online yet?

    Any North Americans played online yet? If so, how was the lag???
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    Liverpool sucks balls in PES6

    They stink! No matter what form, the defense ends up with a throat full of pubes. Disgraceful. :kader: They're constantly giving up the wings for cheesy, unstoppable headers regardless of how aggressive you make them AGAINST this move. Total shyte. Unacceptable. CALISS!!!
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    changing formations manually ala PES4 editor

    Come on...there's gotta be a way.....
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    New Winter Ball....

    New Winter Ball Orange winter ball is boring. Any chance someone could design a winter ball that looks like the above? :ewan:
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    Fifa 06!!!! hole like a Champ! All the plays are the same, the players heads look like half-chewed caramels, and the menus can't even save a simple task like your prefered control settings. A total let down, really. CL2005 was a cool game and we all hoped '06 would atleast surpass...
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    WE8 - does it have IP play?

    And if it does, how's the lag? I had heard it was better than PES4 but how much better? Cheers.
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    Lack of acceleration...

    Why does it seem that supposed star players (Henry and the like...) cannot out-accel defenders? I mean, I see the wheels moving but that cat ain't goin' anywhere fast! Play on 2*, yes they blow right past everyone. Move it up from there and they do not take off at all! I'm lovin' the game...
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    As ridiculous as this will sound to all PES veterens...

    Some background. I am a FIFA convert. Actually, a CL04-05 convert. That was the best footie game EA ever produced...warts and all. I have FIFA06 and, until I got PES5, it was pretty friggin' good but let's face it, it's not very hard. I actually find PES5 on 2* TOUGHER than FIFA06 on...
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    Multiple human controlled teams in same season

    Can this be done in PES 5 ala FifaX Career Multiplayer Patch 06? Cheers, ShS
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    Time of Day

    Can u pick the time of day the game is played? How?
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    To all Man United managers!

    I am managing Man U in an online league. Curious as to what formations and tactic other MU managers are using? Currently, Ive been employing 433, pressing D, mostly counter attack aggresive. Works about 75%. anyone?
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    PS2 USB Right Analogue issue

    Has anyone at all figured out how to get the right analogue stick working for a PS2/USB PC gamepad? All other buttons work great execpt the right analogue. HELP! PLEASE! HELP!
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    PS1 analogue gamepad with PC converter right analogue not working

    My right analogue works fine in '05 and CL '05 but not in '06 demo. Anyone have a fix for this issue? Cheers, Steve
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    Would it be possible to make an IP patch?

    I'm no computer guru, just asking the question. I cannot believe there is no IP play!!!
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    Using a D-pad or Left stick?

    What's the general concensus for better movement control - D-pad or Left stick? I was primarily a D-pad user until (gasp!!!) FIFA04, when I went and bought my first analogue controller. The transition was pretty smooth to the stick, but I've read some folks still prefer the D-pad.
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    Sound lag is killing PES4!!!

    For the love of the sweet baby Jesus, has anyone figured out how to correct the 3 second sound lag???? Honestly, it's my only complaint vs PES4. The game rocks like no other but come on! I love hearing the real time commentary, even if the color commentator sounds a bit light in the...