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    I lol'd. That last line in particular is a gem. :D
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    Football Manager 2008 Demo ^^
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    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (PC, Xbox 360, PS3, NDS)

    Wow. (H)
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    Ronaldinho porking Rijkaard's daughter? Curler. (Y)
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    ATi HD2900xt -aka-R600. Teh Official Geeky thread
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    You wanna play a little game? Hahaha fucking helarious, everytime.
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    Orlando! You like it? It's autumn sunrise! Classic. (H)
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    Ren and Stimpy hahaha, that show was a one off, just so fucking quality (and disturbing).
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    aw, wet curler

    this is pure fucking gold. :Bow: (H)
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    Chair with Shoes :rockman: :rockman: :rockman:
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    Few replays gg :jap:
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    Real Madrid TV (Sky Digital)

    On Sky Digital (will work even if you are not subcribed to Sky, but still have your old box) Services>System Setup>Add channels>Input Frequency 11.681 V, 27.5, 2/3 Then go to find channels and store 51147. It should be in the other channels menu for good. :jap: This is the...
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    Sheepshaggers response to Chelsea complaint

    Rofl, to be honest. (H)
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    Russian Tunnel Lawl. (H)
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    No wonder Iraq's losing the war

    with snipers like him. (H)
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    Star Wars in ASCIImation

    Just type "telnet" (without quotes) in a dos command window. wtf tbh. :|
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    haha, noob. Lawl, you couldn't make it up. (H)
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    IntelliTXT? wum.

    It's so fucking gay, nft.
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    My Name Is Earl

    What a show, season one just finished tonight on Channel 4 (best US import in years in my opinion), and I hear it's already been renewed for 2006-2007. Getting the entire first season off of mininova. (H) My Name Is Earl - Wiki Earl's List
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    Spore by Maxis

    This looks amazing.