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    Sigmatel Formatter

    I have an EasyMp3 player EM206S. I recently formatted it using Windows XP however after I tried turning it on, it says i need to reformat it using Sigmatel formatter. Does anyone have this or know how else I can fix this problem. I've tried their main site and have not found anything that can help.
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    A problem starting FM2005 demo

    I keep getting this problem everytime i try starting the vanilla demo. I've installed it to my C drive (which was the problem i had when I had 03/04). Anyone else come across this problem?
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    What affects a players improvement

    I'm interested in people's opinon as to what determines a players rate of improvement. It's true that the training schedule you use will definately affect them but there must be other factors as well. Is it possible that certain stats have to be high for them to improve quicker???
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    Players for my cambridge squad

    I've got 4 mill to spend and I'm in my second season as Cambridge. Here's a screenshot of my current squad. Foley Sheridan is the only creative midfielder...WHo should I buy? (NB....Roncatto, Zonneveld, Fredy W Thompson, Bertelsen, Oskarrsson and Braaten have all been bought by other clubs)
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    [CM 03/04] Player help needed with Cambridge

    I'm in my second season with Cambridge united and I've got a nice transfer kitty of 4 mill (thanks to winning the FA cup). I need a creative central midfielder, another couple of wingers and a DLC. Total for those 4 players can't be above 4 mill. the following players: Zonneveld, Roncatto...