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    James Graphics

    hope you guys like them... comments please... Makaay is spelt wrong, i know... arghhhh wrong forum its 2.00 sorry apologies \
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    Latency on MSN Zone

    I purchased age of empires II about a year ago, and just a week ago i decided to try to play it online, i havent before mostly because i havent got a great internet connection back then (56K). but a few months ago, i got a COmcast Cable connection, around 400K, and started playin online i dug...
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    Just got it

    I just got this game, usually get lots of games pretty late... i have some questions i havent found in the manual... 1) Can players be called up for international duty? 2) Can you be called up to coach your national team? 3) Can you change clubs as manager?
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    Modern FPS Games

    There are TONS of WWII FPS games out there, and I was wondering are there any modern FPS that would simulate the Gulf War, the current War in Iraq, the situation that took place in the Baltic Europe, etc.
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    Lately ive been seeing that my back button doesnt work when view threads on SG? anyone know whats wrong?
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    Logo Maker Wanted

    Logo maker wanted to make some logos for me If you dont want to make them but know how, please post a tutorial or an explanation on how There are about 7 logos to be made However, these will be for my own pleasure to use and im not distributing them So, logo maker wanted