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    PES 2008 Community Option - Only for PS2??

    Hi guys, maybe someone can give me a hand here. I have a friend of mine who has a PS2 and PES2008 has a "Community" option in the main menu. Inside that option you can create a league of friends and store all the statistics of the matches between each contestant of the league, including...
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    settings.exe?? Is it just me??

    Ok, this is what's happening. First of all, if I don't have kitserver installed, I can't turn on the high definition option. I have a GF 7600 GT with 256MB, C2D 1.86, 2GB RAM... Is this possible? Second. Is it just me, is it an error or what??? I can only configure one controller in the...
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    Only one GDB folder for PES6 and WE2007

    Can anyone help me configure the kload.cfg file to point the GDB folder to a relative or absolute path? PES6 is installed in this folder: "E:\Juegos\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 6" while WE2007 is installed in this one "E:\Juegos\KONAMI\Winning Eleven 2007". My GDB folder is located inside...
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    Sound delay in PES6?

    Hi guys. I really don't know if this is a general problem or not. Sometimes, just not to say too often, the sound has a terrible delay that really hurts... :) When this happens, all the sounds that didn't take place in the moment they should've, are played all in a role without having...
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    Memorial matches in PC Version. Why not? Request for Juce...

    I realized that the Memorial Match option is not present in the PC version. Is there a way to unlock this option or something? I'm starting to think that the memorial match option is only present in PS versions so Sony would sell more memory cards. There is no reason to take this option...
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    Fullscreen on TV - Monitor free to do other stuff

    Hi guys, maybe you can help me solve this... I've been able to play the game fullscreen in the TV (using the TV out of my video card), but to do this I had to select only one monitor in the TV out setting and choose the TV as the only monitor. When I tried to use both, the monitor and the...
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    Kitserver and WE9LE - Can't get it to work

    Maybe I'm doing something wrong... I did the same thing I used to do before. I put the kitserver folder inside the WE folder, I install kitserver for the exe file, but nothing seems to happen. Maybe it is because the Curerom thing, and I have to configure it in a different way... Let me...
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    Memorial Matches - Match record

    I'm sorry to post this question again but I wasn't able to find the match record feature to record the match history with my friends... Can anyone help me??? :nape:
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    Stat tracker - Friendly matches

    Sorry to post this again, but ¿does anybody know how to use the match record feature in the PC version? (Stat tracker) I want to have a record of the matches again certain guys at home. TIA. Manuel.
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    Match History - Is it there?

    Can anyone confirm me that PES5 has a match history feature? That way my friends will never lie again about the history between us... Thanks
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    More than one installation or more than one patch possible??

    Does anyone knows if it is possible to have more than one installation of the game, so I can have more than one patch installed? I mean, is it possible or will it ruin the previous installation? TIA.
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    PS2 vs. PS1 Controllers in PC version

    Hi guys. My concern is about the differences in the PC version of the game of the PS1 and PS2 controllers. I use to play the game in my computer, but when I go to play games in some friends house's, which have a PS2, I notice the difference in the analog buttons, especially when shooting free...
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    Cross-platform online playing... is it possible?

    Does anybody knows if it's possible to play online games with WE8I or PES4 crossing platforms?? (PC - PSX2 or PC - XBOX) I don't know, maybe it's possible. It would be a good thing. TIA.