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    Ahaha, Zidane!

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    WC Semi-Finals: GERMANY - ITALY {P+R}

    The only time Italy actually stayed on their feet, and they scored... says something doesn't it.
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    Best non-football moment of the World Cup

    Guus Hiddink pushing the Jap phsio... hahahahaha... and Guus' many fat man dances! :bob:
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    Worst Cheats in World Cup 2006?

    Australia = Socceroo's England = Three Lions Portugal = The Raggy Dolls
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    Worst Cheats in World Cup 2006?

    With the Neill-Grosso 'foul', why did Grosso fall over BEFORE contact was made, watch carefully... he's a goose.
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    Which channel do Tyler & Gray present the World Cup for?

    Tyler is on SBS - Australian coverage :)
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    WC Round of 16: Italy vs Australia [P+R]

    How much did the Italians pay the ref? Hope its enough to keep Guus' new Russian mafia off his back....
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    WC Round of 16: Italy vs Australia [P+R]

    Yes...for Warnie - we must.
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    WC Round of 16: Italy vs Australia [P+R]

    Why do we get the dodgy ref who did the U-r-gay game!!!
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    Hardest Road to the Final?

    Australia have the hardest, heck we have to play games to get to the final - we should be there automatically, like most other sports ;)
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    World Cup Names

    ***unishi for Japan... Sounds like '***in itchy'
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    Socceroos a weak Cup team: US coach

    Don't hate the US, nor the national team; my Sister is American, so I was going to kinda suppor them, however after Arena's comments I find I cannot support them. My, and most other Australian's beef is not with the team, but Arena.
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    World Cup Group F: Australia vs Japan [P+R]

    ... say we are top of the league!
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    New Kits 2006/2007

    Yeah but longitude, and latitude do not...
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    New Kits 2006/2007

    Different regions of the same hemisphere see different constellations you know.
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    World Cup Group F: Australia vs Japan [P+R]

    Our father. Our Lord in Heaven. Cahill be thy name. Be it that thy goals will come. Be it that thy Aussie's will win. Give us today our daily Guus.
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    New Kits 2006/2007

    It's very similar to say the least... Cruzerio Southern Cross That said, just means both are shared by two quality football teams..HAHAHA!
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    New Kits 2006/2007

    Why does that have the AUSTRALIAN Souther Cross over the left breast (right as we look at it)....
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    World Cup Group F: Australia vs Japan [P+R]

    Those whinging about Cahill's so-called penalty and the fact that would have changed the game, the same can be said for the challenge on Schwarzer earlier that lead to the Japanese goal, if that didn't go in the game would have been different. The referee admitted his mistake with Schwarzer...
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    Holland vs Australia [R]

    Wil****es (purposeful typo) tackle was a straight red, ref took the soft option. Emerton was out of his depth, he was slaughtered. Viduka... well NEVER take a penalty again. As for Cocu's injury, he fell over himself... goose. You can whinge all you like about 'we should have won by...