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    Where To Buy Kits In London

    Well apparantly I was wrong and its a tenner. Either way, always buy my boots/kits there with a 30% discount or so. Dunno anywhere else in London where you can get EPL shirts for £25 on release. Best place.
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    Where To Buy Kits In London

    Bollocks, ignore all these guys. If you want to get the cheapest authentic football gear, you need to go to Lillywhites. Picadilly Circus (Picadilly Line), as soon as you leave the station it is right there. They are doing named England shirts for about £15 right now.
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    WC Group A: Poland vs Ecuador

    Made a tidy sum in this game :)
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    Exam Season

    Had English A (non fiction) weren't too bad.
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    Exam Season

    Anyone else currently failing their way through towards a life of Tesco's checkout points? GCSE's been very inconsistent. Dunno what exams I have done well in or not. Torture.
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    The England National team thread

    Carragher did well.
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    Liverpool FC

    Apparantly we could be getting Alves today. We have Pennant waiting on a contract (i.e if by the last day of the window, we haven't signed a right winger, we will get Pennant)
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    Liverpool FC

    Best. Game. Ever. Probably.
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    F.A. Cup Final- Liverpool vs West Ham [R]

    Correct. 3 Reina saves. 3 Pool scoreers; Hamann, Gerrard and Riise. Sami fluffed his :fool:
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    F.A. Cup Final- Liverpool vs West Ham [R]

    I can't believe a bigger thread wasn't made for this. One of the best finals in a very long time. Better than Istanbul? Maybe. And I never thought I'd say that for another decade or 2. Great match, Great day, one MOTHER of a player. Steven Gerrard, he will win England the world cup...
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    New Kits 2005/2006

    Even the adidas training gear has that.
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    Favourite moves

    Power half volley or a dipping volley. Example: Yaboah(sp?) for leeds back in the early prem days. And Rooney v Newcastle. And you can't beat a crunching slide tackle :rockman:
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    New Kits 2005/2006

    Home Away European Away Keeper Home Keeper Away All real. European away is class and definitely going to be bought. Home kit aswell, even though it doesn't look great.
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    Luis Garcia - dirty rotten bastarding cheat.

    Thats just crap. When we lost to Fulham and Charlton Rafa condemned the performance of his players, whereas whenever Chelsea lose its just simply the refs fault. Mourinho also thought Chelsea were the better team. Who are you kidding? Anyway, stupid thing to do, but thankfully Garcia is our...
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    Liverpool FC

    Gonzalez is playing fantastically in spain. He scored a 35-40metre free kick a couple weeks ago!!
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    All new boots coming out [56k users be aware! many/big pics!]

    Anyone got a pic of those?
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    Here's a riddle

    :ewan: X
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    UCL - AC Milan v FC Barcelona - [P & R]

    Great goal! :hump: