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    Kits by Sundsvall

    here i am wandering through soccergaming wondering if fifa 14 is still some sort of an editing game... and sweet jeesus Sundsvall is still making kits? Dude, you are still one of, if not THE, best! keep it up.
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    BitmaueR Kits Stuff

    man, nice detail work. but where did you got the pics for the mesh on the sides of the shirt? i don't think that there are that big holes in the shirt!
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    Balti's Robe

    it's rasenballsport leipzig *g* nice kits btw.
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    New_Maker's kits

    sponsor logo is good this way. if you take a look at the pictures on or you'll see, that qf is quite small on the chest
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    Favorite soccer goal ever

    a lot of eric cantona goals!
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    Real Madrid Thread [2010-2011]

    well... even gods have mercy! and about the cl... well, mourinho showed us last year how he is able to survive against barca. i hope that guardiola has learned how to not play into jose's hands.
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    Los Clásicos: Real Madrid vs Barcelona [P+R]

    Looking forward to the CL matches... again Barca is facing Mourinho in the semi finals. This time Guardiola should find the right receip to actually beat Real. And maybe there is finally a ref who actually shows pepe directly a red card after a hard attack... he's often unnecesserily hard in...
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    New Kits 2011/2012

    still looks rather like the keeper dress
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    New Kits 2011/2012

    barca is def. a fake... cause from next season on "qatar foundation" is going to replace unicef on the front
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    Kits by Sundsvall

    great quality... but what else to expect from the best in the community :)
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    Design Template's Resource

    Wow, it's great to see you sharing your templates alex! and they are great, as usual!
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    Balti's Textiles

    very nice lautern kits...
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    .: Sundsvall and Crisronaldo's kit and minikit thread :.

    really yours? sry, mate... i´ll remove it.
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    .: Sundsvall and Crisronaldo's kit and minikit thread :.

    the pattern isn´t some kind of a spike, well on my kit you can see how it really looks like:
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    .: Sundsvall and Crisronaldo's kit and minikit thread :.

    kk alex ;) i can prove it :D i guess that the fanshop is a bit more correct then
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    .: Sundsvall and Crisronaldo's kit and minikit thread :.

    the pattern on bayern away is wrong mate ;) and the color on the shirt is the same overall..
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    Fifa 09 template?

    don´t think so... i hated those armband temps in fifa 06 and 2005... now i´m awaiting fifa 09!
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    Fifa 09 template?

    i´m allready so exited about this template and fifa 09... btw, i think that the shorts and socks are not original sized in the game...
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    Fifa 09 template?

    i tried to get some hints from the fifa 09 pc pics... and the arms are quite like 08, because they start after the shoulder part. and i can´t see any texture change from the front to back, so it will be connected to...
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    Chrisbor's 08 kits!

    they look cool mate ;)