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    Liio's National Teams (2)

    Liios National Teams 2 hi guys i am new here and in game too. can any body help me in deciding with which county team and national team should i start which are best to start and which are worst to start?
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    Request A Face/Hairstyle

    Request A Face/Hairstyle V, i saw the "Gothic Arch" in the link. Its consiste of a piece that you duplicate, rotate diplicate, rotate... duplicate, rotate... and so on, and make the ceiling arch as wide as you want?
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    Remake v.2007/2008 RTWC (the resurección!)

    Remake v 2007/2008 RTWC the resurección you didnt disconnect the tach line from the ecu, did you? You just splice into this line for a signal, but leave it connected to the ecu.
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    'How To' CM/SG Help Thread

    How To CM/SG Help Thread Hey guys, Ive constantly got 3-6 players on my team, which im strugling with selling. I want to sell them as I can buy better players from their value, even 60-70 of their value. They range from 22-30, so age shouldnt be the issue. I set them transfer listed to...
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    Problem with adboards.

    Problem with adboards Hi. I need several help here. I've been trying all the day to get internet access in the LAN computers actually only one, till I can make it work. I tryed disable the Network module, so I've lost the LAN connection and the access to the webadmin. I've tryed to enable it...
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    Running FIFA in window mode

    Running FIFA in window mode Sometime in the last week or so both the main fan on my computer and the fan on my power supply stopped running. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks