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    Texture for kit to PES 2008

    There is no texture needed since PES 2008 uses a new texture technology (it adds a texture by himself...) PS: Thats nice cuz when running we can see that texture is changing
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    Next Gen for PC (sort of)

    It doesnt make kits look better. Look at the pics...
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    Next Gen for PC (sort of)

    It only changes the lighting... Its by editing a txt file. Nothing really spectacular except the results. This does makes the game look better but the graphics arent better.
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    Graphics quality

    I play on 1280X1024 on everything set on HIGH. And it looks pretty much the same as the pics... Maybe I need to modify the ini files.
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    Graphics quality

    I cant believe how much bad FIFA 08 looks compared to the older versions (FIFA 2005 on PS2 was better) The ball in 08 is a simple bad textured, no lighting and no relief at all. In FIFA 2005 the balls had light on them and relief. + The players are crappy. I mean they have no lighting...
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    How to install kits for PES 2008?

    I am quite new in the PES 2008. The patching is harder than Fifa. Can someone explain to me or send me a tutorial on how to install kits for PES2008. They have a quite of patches on this site. thanks in advance :-paul:
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    new video card for PES2008?

    I have a 7600GT and I am playing High on 1024X768 without any slowdowns. No need for a 8800GTX... :D