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    cus then i wont have a red card
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    what do i have to do to get a red card?
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    [P+R] Chelsea vs Manchester United [LEAGUE CUP SF]

    anyone got highlights??
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    why acording to the ARAB Results, bilo is the #2 most annoying poster
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    bilo said this: every single one of your posts have been useless... go in the arsenal thread and say "arsenal suck" and start a fight.. in the "how was 2004" thread your like.. why the **** is that a black smiley! all the otehrs are blue! Racist bastards...
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    wow im good at getting people pissed off at me
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    yes i am bilo u used to be a post booster too hahaha everyone knows that arsenal sucks it was funny and u even lliked it I WIN
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    indians smell bad
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    why do i have a yellow card and why do i only have 4 posts???? when i used to have 700 yesterday?
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    [P+R] Chelsea vs Manchester United [LEAGUE CUP SF]

    i predict: 2-1 manU scholes who scores goals drog the frog rooney the ?
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    [P+R] Chelsea vs Manchester United [LEAGUE CUP SF]

    thanks for the links i hope they work!!! so i can watch manU rape chelsea
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    MVP of the Premiership

    i have to admit henry is pretty damn good and arsenal suck without him
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    [P+R] Chelsea vs Manchester United [LEAGUE CUP SF]

    anyone gots links to the game
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    such a coincidence

    cant wwait
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    David Beckham, Michael Owen and Jonathan Woodgate to leave Real Madrid this summer.

    gerrard said he'd like owen to come back if not i think even gerrard will leave liverpool i'm sure manU would be interested
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    Pictures pack! Pictures needed!

    here u go
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    Nike Home Game

    yeah ur right my bad...
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    Worst Transfers [2004 - 2005]

    ok so maybe 25 million was a lot but look at the future rooney in 5-10 years will be a ******* legend and you konw it in the long run it will be worth it
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    Manchester United Thread [2004-2005]

    :Bow: :Bow: ruud is a legend i am worried that this injury might hurt his confidence and his overall performance in the future if you know what i mean