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    What level do you play?

    i'll move up to pro after the first season.
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    Share a Few Winning Tips

    low cross strategy i've discovered that the low cross is very effective under certain conditions. if you have a speedy striker or winger, get past the defender and drive to the byline. if you ease up the sprint at the last second, execute a low cross (3x X button). if your center forward or...
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    AFC Ajax Thread[2007/2008]

    i think i'd like to join this thread. i've been an ajax fan since 1978 when i first became enamored of the dutch national team. i live in the usa so the world soccer scene at that time was a real mystery. but i played the sport like a demon and my father took me to a satellite broadcast of...
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    What is the deal with the referee?

    i don't know if you use slide tackle a lot but some of the reviews i read mentioned that you have to be really careful with them. i only slide when i'm pretty sure i have a good angle. but i haven't really noticed a bias. last night, the ref handed out three yellow cards in quick succession to...
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    FIFA 08 Tips, Hints, Strategies

    i'd love to see a guide from you or anyone that walks through the management mode and especially about managing the money side of things. i'm ripping through the league but my money is dwindling and i see dark days ahead. as a recent convert from ProEvo i just don't know the ins and outs of the...
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    the back pass; just like in real life. select the opposite wing attack for your team. as you build the attack, tap the ball back to the player who just made the pass. if the opposition pressures you, switch the attack as quickly as you can. play the ball back to your central mid or defender and...
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    any question about fifa 08 for xbox 360

    right. now that i'm playing the right mode and discovering very quickly that my player salaries are devouring my budget, is there a good third party guide anywhere for succeeding in the manager mode?
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    any question about fifa 08 for xbox 360

    actually, i was asking the wrong question. i was in tournament mode, playing a straight-up eredivisie season. i didn't discover the manager mode until last night.
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    any question about fifa 08 for xbox 360

    cup and champs league i am partway through my first eredivisie season with the game. i notice there are no cup ties, only league fixtures. i noticed the dutch cup is listed as a separate competition on the selection screen. my question is this; do the cup and champs league come into play in...