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    Nice In Game '14

    why I don`t have 3D grass...I play on 800x600 High ?
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    2012-13 Database For Fifa 10

    but mate a lot of textures are missing(faces,hairs and boots) and when I start a Manager Mode the game crashes... FIX IT !
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    2012-13 Database For Fifa 10

    Great ! :)
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    FIFA 13 - First Details

    damn it ..the game is full of bugs.. this impact engine sucks big time ! they need to fix it in the full version of the game
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    FIFA13 demo is out!

    The game is amazing but I can play only Training :( I have to wait for the full game to play a Practice match
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    FIFA 13 - First Details

    fcking amazing :O :O :D
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    FIFA 13 - First Details

    PES 2013 Graphics + Fifa 2013 Gameplay = Amazing game!
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    FIFA 13 - First Details

    I think PES will beat FIFA this year... PES will have massive improvements(gameplay) and FIFA will have 4 new things in gameplay
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    Scoreboards on FIFA 12

    hey mate after I edit the .dds files with to import them in the game?
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    Fifa 12 Demo link

    Uploaded with
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    First fifa 12 details!

    I can`t run it :X :X :X God damn it
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    First fifa 12 details!

    1 hour remaining here in Bulgaria :) can`t wait
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    Most exciting new feature?

    mini faces will be real pix ;)
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    FIFA 12 Faces

    amazing robinho
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    Soccer Gaming Team 2011

    Ace4Alcantara ---- **** you the idea is great,the kit is great(I can`t see anything Chelsea style in this kit)...I can`t do the faces because I stopped making faces 3-4 months ago and I lost my skills Shut the **** up maan If you don`t like the idea don`t write comments on the...
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    Thread for post face to convert them

    Please someone to upload c.ronaldo`s model in .cff
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    Soccer Gaming Team 2011

    Full Name: Hristian Stoichev Shirt Name: Stoichev A HD & Nice Pic(Face) Link: Preferred Shirt Number: 24 Preferred Position: RF Boots: ( Height: 61 kilos Weight: 180 santemeters Ability: long...
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    Ronaldoo17`s Face Thread :D

    Ok I will fix :) Can someone post C.Ronaldo`s model in .cff please
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    [Face FIFA 11] Bachxop's Topic

    on the orig pic he isn`t so angry as you have made him sorry for my bad english