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    Just as bad as the rest of the Fifa titles..

    After several nights of playing FIFA Street, I realized my first impressions of FIFA Street are the same as my final ones, only now that I've played 15 hours of it I'm somewhat bitter. EA's new BIG Street game is one that's so far removed from the actual game of soccer it's pathetic. If you...
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    i want to replace a National team

    he wants to replace saudi for israel cause its the only arab team there. not because they're a crap team. if that was the case, he could have picked a dozen other teams :kader:
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    have you unlocked the hair styles yet

    Re: have you unlocked the hair styles yet its not that funny when you've just spent 3000 points on it :f***:
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    i got PES4 today - 2 weeks early!!

    been playing for some time now and have noticed a few transfers they missed: Saviola (FC Barcelone to AS Monaco) Ibrahimovic (AJAX to Juventus) Cannavaro (Inter to Juventus) Rooney (Everton to Ma,chester United) Mido (Marseille to Roma) Wiltord (arsenal to Lyon) Eto'o (Mallorca to...
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    i got PES4 today - 2 weeks early!!

    well, i dont think this release is official. it is the final version but someone has got there hands on it before the release date and uploaded it online for the world to share :D who knows, may konami will get annoyed with this and update the game in the very last minute to get there own...
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    i got PES4 today - 2 weeks early!!

    no he is still at ajax. it seems they have missed a few transfers like: danny murphy still at liverpool jeffers still at arsenal forlan/rooney still at man utd woodgate still at newcastle at least they have some of the more major transfers in i.e. most of the chelsea team, owen, alan...
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    i got PES4 today - 2 weeks early!!

    best of all, the new promoted english teams are in crystal palac = crisisbless norwich city = northluck c WBA = nextbaumedge (and they have kanu too) most transfers are up to date i.e. smith at man u but no rooney, owen at real, however there is no woodgate. france and engalnd still...
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    i got PES4 today - 2 weeks early!!

    sorry about that. i was a little busy today. truth is, i got it from a friend. i would assume that it is the current warez release. however, the current rumors are that its a FULL final code and not a beta version i.e. its the version that will hit the stores on oct 15th. i've not noticed...
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    i got PES4 today - 2 weeks early!!

    i have a copy of pes4 2 weeks ahead of its scheduled release date :D i've only played it a few times and the slowdowns gone, it seems a little faster, and passing seems better. good news for all!! :hump:
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    Player Specific Animations

    i suppose your right. maybe the running style is just tweaked for individual players depending on their pace and dribbling skills. both giggs and ronaldo have good skills. i suppose its the same for others with higher stats too. but i'm right about the rest, right? :confused:
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    Player Specific Animations

    ive also noticed a few other player specific things: henry putting his hands on his hips whilst waiting to take a free kick, also his style of free kick is unique as is; nedved, beckhams, carlos, del piero and zidane. some players like giggs, henry, and r carlos also have their own style...
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    how do i drop the ball with the keeper?

    that easy huh?! i've been missing out all this time :( thanks
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    ONLY reason why PES is better than FIFA. nuff siad ;)
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    how do i drop the ball with the keeper?

    i've noticed on several occassions that when i am controlling the keeper i can drop the ball to my feet and run with it. but how do i do it? i've done it about 5 times but all by accident. i've tried several button combos, but dont know which one is correct. i only seem to get it right when i...
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    PES 4 Wishes ...

    what about the goalkeeper? option to allow the keeper to drop the ball to his feet. also, have u noticed the the goalie always throws the ball to the same player (usualy to his left)? there should be a little arrow to allow the keeper to choose the direction he throws the ball, that way it...
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    ** Things I HATE in PES2 **

    your right, but this has great gameplay, but is lacking options. this is my point entirely
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    My sickest goal!

    sick? where you from manchester?
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    ** Things I HATE in PES2 **

    the key word here is OPTIONS! i.e those who want it can choose it those who dont want it dont have to choose it. simple as that, but at least give us the choice. isnt that what makes a good game? stop telling me to go back to fifa. i left it never to return....well only occasionaly, to...
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    WTF is wrong with you people!!!

    can you really be a football fan if you call it soccer?
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    Punching the referee!!

    who remembers when you could punch the referee in fifa '96? i think this was on the sega megadrive. after fouling someone you could punch the referee and run away, he would chase you for however long you would run, and when you stopped he would book you. that was the most fun i ever had on a...