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    CM 14 BETA Testing

    Since some tools for Fifa 14 seem to work in FIFA 15, can this CM work to edit Fifa 15?
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    Ukrainian League Patch 13

    Will this patch replace another league in the game or creates a new one?
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    simo's fifa 11 faces

    +1 please
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    Fifa 12 faces by AlexMx

    Fix Bouy eyes... too big :D
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    Creation Center means no Creation Master?

    Hi Guys Im trying to decide to get or not Fifa2012, to me the meain reason to get it would be the posibility of editiong the game (thats always what I look for). This year I have seen that EA have develp the Creation Center, but I was wondering if this means that there will be no Creation...
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    Israelian Premier League 11- RELEASED

    Same question, please
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    Fifabrasil total 2011 patch

    I know this is ask alot, but... well, its the usual question in this kind of patches... CMP?
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    Confirmed Transfers

    Joel Campbell ---- Arsenal
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    FIFA-ASIA/Moddingway "Copa America 2011"

    Same question here
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    The Best 100 National Team in The World

    Can I import this CMP if I dont have the CEP 11 install?
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    -©- mihai -©-WorkShop! -©-

    Great kits!! Are you going to make the reflex files for this kits?
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    Need CMP Argentina's teams

    So only emi has made this teams?
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    Need CMP Argentina's teams

    Hi, can someone help me, I want to have some Argentina's teams in my game, so does anybody can share my .cmp of this teams? Velez Sarsfield Independiente Estudiantes de la Plata Thanks in advanced and Im sorry if this is much trouble...
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    Cep 11

    Do you have by any chance the Argentina First division league in CMP ?
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    Making a CMP from a patch

    Well, thanks anyway!
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    Making a CMP from a patch

    Can you upload that CMP? The one that you made for the Ukranian League was great!
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    Quick Team Creator

    Great! thanks
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    Ukrainian Premier League Patch

    Hi, I know this question migth sound stupid but... I have been updating my game if I install this patch will I lose all my updates?
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    Liga Argentina Fifa 11 by Fifa-Argentina

    Is this going to be avaible in CMP file?