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    Anthems and Soundtrack Import Discussion

    I still don't understand where the import of the track is here Nox Vidmate VLC
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    UEFA EURO 2004 Perfect Patch

    where do i have to install this patch? Speed Test
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    New Editor for Fifa RTWC 98

    Where can I get the compiled .exe editor for Windows? I have problems in my Windows 10 home to run the Python file.
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    FIFA Boots converter (FIFA 2005 - FIFA 10)

    Hello Dmitri , not is possible convert faces Nox Vidmate VLC PES 6 to FIFA 11 ??
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    FIFA 14 MOD 2010/11

    Are you converting the kits one by one? I believe all F11 + mods kits have been converted in one pack somewhere.
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    SCOREBOARD By Raeed7

    Last November, Judex uploaded the squads update for the 22/23 season, and I wanted to know if installing it in the game folder loses all my personal settings (Judex's patch brings the international squads very outdated, so I personally I modify and I wouldn't want to lose that) or if I lose some...
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    me too. But if I use File Master or CM, the changes go back to the default mac. help me Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
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    More realistic/variety results in Career?

    Thank you for spreading the word
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    Scoreboard Bundesliga 21/22 TO FIFA 14 PC

    to know which version of scoreboard you have edited, because the offsets are different for each of the overlay files!!! Speed Test
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    Problem Importing CMP File?

    Open the db in DBMaster and transfers the playernames starting with line 28999 to the table dcplayernames. The easy way to do this is to export the 2 tables i mentioned above and process them in notepad or better in excell and after you done that, you have to import it back in DBMaster!!!
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    How to unlock everything from EASFC?

    Speed Test Did they work, Skoczek?
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    RPL conversions from any fifa to any fifa

    I've got such content from Fifa 09 for example and it would be awesome to convert it to Fifa 14.
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    Edit / view career saves?

    it couldn't allow editing and saving...I used this tool to find my promoted youth player id to give specific body and face model for them Speed Test
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    Fifa 14 multiple mods

    Copy there a clean version of FIFA 14. Next, install the mod you are interested in on this copy of the game, following all the instructions of the author. Run the game with the mod installed via fifaconfig.
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    shoneroma90 - Kits

    I checked in their store, but they only have home, away and goalkeeper kits . Speed Test
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    Scoreboard King's Cup (LACOPA DEL REY) HELP | FIFA 14

    replay and match transitions logo IDs could you help me or advise me to fourm. Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
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    FIFA 14 Stadiums Argentina

    In this pack are all the first division stadiums?
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    FIFA dbs since FIFA 98 (download)

    it's a great job Speed Test Thank.
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    Things you can edit in Player Career Mode

    can change virtual pro age and age of teammates Nox Vidmate VLC *changing teammates age
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    Anyone Help me for create a league in Creation Master ???

    As soon as I got time I'll explain to you how I did. Meanwhile this is a fike with Fifa ids.