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    Request: West Ham 07/08 kits

    How do i apply these kits to Kitserver?
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    EA announces Champions League 2006/2007

    In Treble mode where do i check the League tables, i dont even kno where i am placed in my League, the treble mode is pretty stupid most the time they put me in the game losing 2 or 3 - 0 and have to make a miraculous come back.
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    EA announces Champions League 2006/2007

    How does this game compare to fifa 07? has there been many changes in the gameplay?
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    HoVeL :: PES Face Patcher

    Fantastic Luke Wilkshire :D
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    Faces by norek

    Please release man this face is quality too good to not be in my game :D
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    (...:::leaizza Faces:::...)

    Can you please release lampard :D
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    (...:::leaizza Faces:::...)

    Man can you please release that Lampard, awesome face, best on of him i have seen so far.
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    HangWoon's Faces

    Great work man! Big fan of your work especially Hargreaves and Ronaldo they look so life like. Can i make a request? If so, then i'd like to see a Gareth Barry, I think you would do a top job of him.
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    (...:::leaizza Faces:::...)

    One question, how do i know which face is which, for example i want to apply Ruud Van Nistelrooy's face, but i dont know which file to overwrite? Can somebody Please help me. Thanks.
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    (...:::leaizza Faces:::...)

    Wow Amazing Lampard! Can i request a Gareth Barry of Aston Villa face? I think you will do a great job of him.
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    mIGUEL. | EPL Stadiums and Adboards, UEFA Champions League Adboards - PES6 |

    Hey Miguel have u made Emirates stadium yet? That would be awesome!
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    mIGUEL. | EPL Stadiums and Adboards, UEFA Champions League Adboards - PES6 |

    Wow Miguel Great work man! appreciate it heaps, so easy to install as well and as a chelsea fan now i can play at Stamford bridge again! :D Thanks heaps bro. Please continue in posting all your work at SG i know me and alot of others appreciate it here. :D
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    Official Transfers Database Update! (Official by EA)

    Errr.... im just asking a question dude, fkn relax u over sensitive geek, to many of you lot on this forum.
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    Official Transfers Database Update! (Official by EA)

    Has this been released yet?? Im thinking maybe we have to log onto the Lobby to download this patch.
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    Fifa 360 does have Skills, EA speaks

    Yes i agree with you totally on this, i have allready started working out how the AI plays, and the most annoying thing is they always get the ball and go out and wide and cross it in, seems like every team i play against they have the same Tactics, the AI in this game is ****. Wolf i just...
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    Arnau 07 Faces

    Can you please make a Drogba face, his one in the game is horrible!
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    New 360 Movies For Fifa 07!!!

    They look like they are Ice skating, Some of the movements are really impressive though and when the player takes down the ball it looks very realistic just the Running looks abit dodgy. Also whats with the Kits, the player names on the back are Tiny! Hope they fix a few things before final release.
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    Turf Patch For Fifa 07

    Is this worth getting or does it screw everything around? Also if i install will it effect online play?
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    How to install Faces and Kits.

    Hi guys im new to the FIFA Editing scene and was wondering which programs i need to install Kits and Faces, and then what to do from there. Would really appreciate the help Also can someone tell me if i make these changes will this effect Online play? Thanks.
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    How do i change in Game Settings eg STADIUMS.

    I dont think this answer has been asked or answered and its really annoying i hope its not only me who cant see it. How do i change Which stadium to play in, Night or day and other settings in Friendly games? I go to game settings but its not in there. Please help.