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    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14

    ah shame no problem Giggiriva thank you for replying
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    [DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14

    hi Giggi you may think its a bit crazy to ask you but do you still have your classic faces stored anywhere from fifa 06-08? I just want them for personal patch all the links I have found online are dead im looking for players in the 90's thanks sorry for the off topic
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    Can Someone Help Me Fix My DB Please

    thanks for the reply bangus much appreciated sadly like an idiot this one time i didnt save a back up of the db and the back up one created by creation master is also corrupter i did as you suggested and actually found lots of errors with the free kick takers ect i spent ages correcting them all...
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    Can Someone Help Me Fix My DB Please

    i spent hours upon hours over the past year updating it and i was running fine until i did the italian league transfers which now causes the career mode not to load at all it crashes at the screen that says you have become so and so new manager and the error box says fifa had to close the...
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    Koki's Faces

    thanks for the great updates but there is no hair lod in the aguero download
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    European Qualification Bug?

    hi i noticed something that i get this bug if when i start a career mode i set european football off in the first season then the following season the europa cup will not take place i tested with it set to on at the start of my career then simulated to the second season and the europa league...
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    CG File Server 16/decommissioned

    i am using latest patch with online db and server using windows 7 64 and CG with latest fix is working fine for me can we assign stadiums for career mode without minimizing window please anyone help
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    Faces Related Questions and Answers Thread - FAQ's

    thank you ballinham i will send you the hair files in private message ok?
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    Faces Related Questions and Answers Thread - FAQ's

    is there any way to convert hair from fifa 13 to 16? I have a great converted Giuseppe Signori face but the hair doesnt work of course in 16 any ideas how i can convert it?
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    CG File Server 16/decommissioned

    Hi this might be a stupid question but is there a way to assign the stadiums without having to alt +enter the window? Fifa runs perfectly on max settings for me full screen but when i go from window mode to full screen it stutters
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    JY's Editing

    im using default db with online update and i cannot find him in cm16 either
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    Creation Master 16

    not saying your a liar or had no problems but from my experience with this years CM i have had no problems everything has worked great and i have edited endless amounts of the game and into my 7th season on career had no crashes not everyone has had a bad experience with this tool im grateful he...
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    Kasabian's Faces

    heres the fuchs fixed rx3
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    Kasabian's Faces

    If you have problems with the Fuchs faces it is because of the 3rd texture in the face.rx3 it causes a strange pattern i copied the first 2 textures over to another face.rx3 and it fixed the problem
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    DAMN's Faces (WWTFM)

    pm sent
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    DAMN's Faces (WWTFM)

    thanks for the harry kane update have you got a mask version? i made one myself just wondering if you have a better versiion? thanks
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    Possible To Unlock Ultimate Difficulty Offline?

    I have searched the forum and cannot find anything related I am finding legendary way too easy right now the AI just dont score I have messed with tactics and sliders giving them every advantage possible and still i concede maybe 2 goals every 10 games no matter what team i use I am not a...
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    Career Revolution Mod 16

    can anyone help me my great career mode is being ruined by the AI team selection they seem to play the reserve goalkeeper and random youth players instead of proven stars I have tweaked the managerai config in the dlc but nothing changes even if i regenerate I even tested in a new career still...
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    FIFA 16 Editing Discussion Thread (Please Read Before Creating A Thread)

    yep I did that too still not showing in game very strange when it was working before i had not dl any of the ingame squad updates i was using the default db to edit soon as i dl the squad update its not working i used this method on youtube to add the new squad files to my existing db...