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    Inter Milan Thread

    thank's for the compliment. ;)
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    Juventus F.C. [2012-2013]

    lol. :D
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    Inter Milan Thread

    OMG !! Inter are really on fire in Serie A this season. I didn't expect for a win in Juventus stadium, I salute to Strama for giving his hard works for Inter. The race for Scudetto is on ! Forza Inter !
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    The Philippine Azkals (National Team Thread)

    Good luck for the Philippines n.t. in the next region cup of AFF Suzuki Cup coming up. There have been tremendous progress by this national team from 2010, qualified into the semis. We'll see what the Philippines can do this time of the year.
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    Cheap Jerseys?

    I still have the Inter jersey from 2002/2003 away jersey. Still good condition. (Y) I still have other n.t jerseys range from year (2002-2006) for the following countries: Ireland, Italy, Wales, USA, Mexico, Slovenia, Germany, England, Japan, Scotland, Turkey, France, Argentina, Brazil...
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    Inter Milan Thread

    I'm happy for Cassano's goal today. With Sneijder's injury, Cassano can start more often in the starting line up.
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    Inter Milan Thread

    Win, lose, win, lose,win,...where are we headed ? We'll be headed in the mid-table if playing winless @ home matches.
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    The Calcio Discussion Thread

    I salute to Klose. He earns the respect. (Y)
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    Inter Milan Thread

    We are so ****ed up against Roma. :(
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    The SG Video Games Thread

    Oh ok. Pardon me then.
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    AC Milan Thread [2012/13]

    I'm glad Pazzo is back to his scoring goals. I still like him personally. See you in derby match!
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    The SG Video Games Thread

    No wonder the unemployment rate in Spain hits 25% of their labor force in recently. This is so sad.
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    Inter Milan Thread

    The Inter away red jersey is awesome one. I'll buy that jersey around next year in January for the price around $60 if this happens. The current price retail jersey $80 is crazy, I know it used to be around $65 back in 2002-2006.
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    The Man City Thread [10/11]

    I hope Douglas Maicon will bring this club into CL glory. Good luck MC !
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    Inter Milan Thread

    arrivederci Julio Cesar ! :( He finally gets his new club in QPR. I wish him all the best ! :)
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    Inter Milan Thread

    Is he good ?
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    Inter Milan Thread

    In less than 24 hrs, the swap deal of Cassano+€7M & Pazzini could happen...
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    Question of the Week: The Confederations Cup

    Confed Cup is a good additional tournament, IMO. I care about how the host nation prepare their team toward the finals of WC within 1 year.
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    Question of the Week: Yugoslavia

    Yugoslavia in 1990 WC were the best yet I think. They reached into quarter-finals. (Y) Was Davor Suker part of Yugoslavian player at that time ? I can't recall my memory yet...
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    The SG Video Games Thread

    I've been playing 'InFamous' in recently, really good so far.