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    Arkantos Boots

    These look great! Is there any chance you could provide the project file as boot mods no longer work since I created a mod which also updates the fifa_ng_db.DB file. Either my mod overrides them or the boot mod overrides mine, depending upon which mod is lower in the load order. Many thanks in...
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    Hi, I absolutely love your boot packs but they no longer work since I updated the fifa_ng_db.DB and fifa_ng_db-meta.XML files for a career mode mod I created. Either your database files overrides mine or vice versa, depending upon which mod is lower in the load order. Therefore, is there any...
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    Riesscar's TV Watermarks

    Top man! Thanks mate.
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    Riesscar's TV Watermarks

    Hi Riesscarr. Could you possibly convert this into a watermark for me? I've already edited the transparency so it appears as it does on the Sky Sports broadcast. Much appreciated.
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    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    After installing this, Corinthians have replaced Bury in EFL League One. Any ideas how to resolve this?