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    Question of the Week: Your Favorite Player (NOT based on talent/performance)

    Mati Fernandez. He completely took a dump all over Toluca in the Copa Sudamericana while at Colo Colo. Liked him ever since.
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    The misuse of hack

    LOL. Alex, I think someone hacked your SG profile. But seriously, I agree.
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    NFL 2012 Season Thread

    Niners :rockman::rockman::rockman:
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    How good are you in playing football ?

    I've been playing indoor for 2 years and I've yet to play in a manner which one would call "competitively". (H)
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    Introduce Yourself

    Hi, I'm Second Mexican.
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    What do you think about my country?

    Well I'll be damned. For the longest time I've been trying to find this song, not because I liked it or anything, I was just pissed I couldn't remember what it was called. This has literally been going on for years (the searching for the song). Thank you.
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    How good are you in playing football ?

    I play indoor and pretty much suck. Horrible first touch, and with that, it all goes downhill. I'll have good games now and then, but I play because I enjoy it. Usually play CB, will sometimes play FW depending on the scoreline.
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    Chelsea FC [2012-2013]

    Glad we finally have a Chelsea thread.
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    NFL 2012 Season Thread

    Happy Niners fan. Bring on the Sea Chickens, that's who I want.
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    NFL 2012 Season Thread

    I'm enjoying Shifty's play by play. Especially when my boys score.
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    Do you want kids?

    I have a 1.5 year old daughter. She's awesome. Farts like a guy, it's quite hilarious. It's no joke tho, trying to discipline her while not laughing that she threw her milk in the air. Wife and I are definitely having another one in 3 years
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    When will you get married?

    Got married when I was 25. It'll be three years this May. It just seemed right with my wife. No relationship is perfect, but damn do I enjoy just hanging out with her. We have a kid, she's 1.5 right now. Life is great for me. Disclaimer: marriage isn't for everyone. Stuff happens. 3 couples...
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    What is your favourite way to cook an egg?

    I'm going to say its closer to fried. Crack the egg in a pan, let it cook a bit then take part of the white part and cover the yolk. Let it cook some more, then flip it.
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    What is your favourite way to cook an egg?

    Over easy egg, runny yolk with a slice of toast to soak it up.
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    Brushing Your Teeth

    After. Also, make sure you guys are using an electric toothbrush. You can't even come close to cleaning your teeth to the extent of an electric toothbrush as if you just did it the normal way.
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    Brushing Your Teeth

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    PES13 option file?

    The defending improved over the last couple of years. I hated how they would track back in one line and not break from that line. But I'm completely with you in your frustrations. Most of my goals (highest difficulty) also come from through passes or lobs to the striker, takes it one and one and...
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    PES13 option file?

    How are you liking PES2013? I'm taking a break from it right now (PS3).
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    Last movie you watched

    Watched Craigslist Joe, a documentary about a guy who lives for 30 days off of Craigslist. No money, no contact with friends/family, nothing. It was actually quite interesting.
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    NFL 2012 Season Thread

    Just win, baby.