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    Fox's Faces

    I found this: GTA V: Could be exported... Side:
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    Fox's Faces

    Would be great! I know its difficult :P , there is no many photos with his face in HD I had an Idea, get UFC 2 Conor McGregor's face, and would similar for FIFA, both are EA Sports games... Difficult hahaha
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    Flags, Banners, Scarf Textures

    Could someone send me Flags, Banners, Scarf textures and templates
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    KrisDzung276's Faces (WWTFM)

    Nice Vallejo! More players with potential plss
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    Fox's Faces

    Could you try Conor McGregor's face?
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    Face(s) Request Thread

    Does anyone have a haircut like this one? Or could anyone do it :P
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    blaugrana 972's Faces

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    Red Hair

    Yes but I dont have a face to assign, so in game would be blue and green squares... Is a player created with CM16
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    Red Hair

    I mean that, if to my created player, I set him the Hair of Kimmich ( Blondie ), in the game looks red hair... I want only to apply him a blondie hair style which I like, I dont have my personal own face and hair created...
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    Red Hair

    When I apply a personalized hair to my Personal Player, it has it red instead of blondie, why?
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    J@CKEL's Faces

    Ager Aketxe? Amorebieta?
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    EgorPl's Faces

    Dzsudzak doesnt have head model, has 2 eye files..
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    aNuk3's Faces (WWTFM)

    +1 and Fernando Amorebieta Pleaseee:S
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    Dr. A's Workshop

    Fernando Amorebieta please :P
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    (ALL THE STADIUMS) Ultimate Stadium Packs - (Stadium Server CGFS 16) v2

    @FIFAStorys , do you have a pack with scoreboards for CG File Server ?? Enviado desde mi iPhone 9 :D
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    rubialex99's FIFASetups

    Halilovic: InGame look better :P
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    rubialex99's FIFASetups

    Yevhen Konoplyanka Konoplyanka: If you want it with a exact picture send it to me :P
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    rubialex99's FIFASetups

    Does anyone want a FIFASetup? Request me, without problems Reus: Martial: Hazard: James: Aubameyang & Reus: Pogba: I TAKE REQUESTS!