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  1. Boresma7

    Nico boots

    could you update it?
  2. Boresma7

    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    no, i just have problems with the boots
  3. Boresma7

    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    MOD FIP 20 3.4 CUSTOM is not being compatible with this @paulv2k4 file, LEAGUE BRAZILIAN is totally buggy.
  4. Boresma7

    Riesscar's Modest Mods

    @riesscar Could you update the file that releases all the boots and coaches' uniforms?
  5. Boresma7

    Nico boots

    this file is in conflict with the MOD FIFA INFINITY, some players' names disappear and change.
  6. Boresma7

    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    @aleracingclub I solved the problem, it was a MOD that was giving conflict. But thanks for listening. Thank you
  7. Boresma7

    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    then, I do this procedure but it doesn't appear. I use the custom patch and the FIP C squad but the players' names do not appear. I joined RDBM and noticed that where there are EDITPLAYERSNAME there are only 6 players and before that the list was long, which included all the players in the...
  8. Boresma7

    FIFA Infinity Patch 20

    all the Players from all the clubs in the Brazilian championship, are nameless, what do I do?
  9. Boresma7

    Nico boots

    thank you
  10. Boresma7

    Nico boots

    could you update these boot files so I can use them in the game?
  11. Boresma7

    Nico boots

    could you release a file to release all the boots included in fifa 20?
  12. Boresma7


    when I install it and I will play the career mode it always comes back to the work area. Could you also make the Unlock ALL SHOES file available, as you did last time?
  13. Boresma7

    Classic faces for FIFA 20 by shadow_boy32

    Could you turn Devid Bouah face into fbmod?
  14. Boresma7

    royalbluesupporter'S Faces & Face-Edit

    do you have the link only to Leon Brüggemeier face?
  15. Boresma7

    Moss43 Faces

  16. Boresma7

    SGT Kim's Face

    Please make Mohammed Kudus
  17. Boresma7

    sebastian12's Faces

    Please make Lucas Ribeiro CB - Hoffenheim