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  1. FIFAMoro

    FIFA 16 Career Mode - Post Your Career Mode, and show us your Story :)

    Is there a way to increase budget while playing in Career Mode ?
  2. FIFAMoro

    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Here you are bro
  3. FIFAMoro

    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Contact their website and send me the pattern that they will give you and I will make them for you. That's what a friend of mine did and I made the kits for him.
  4. FIFAMoro

    Creation Master 16

    Bros is there anyway to get transfermarkt works again in CM16?
  5. FIFAMoro

    2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Patch for FIFA 16

    Can I help you with anything bro?
  6. FIFAMoro

    FIFAMoro Kits

    thank you my friend, we're making history in this WC and most of the Moroccan people still don't believe this haha
  7. FIFAMoro

    FIFA 16 Language Packs

    you can download it from origin but you need to backup all of your stuff !
  8. FIFAMoro

    2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Patch for FIFA 16

    Yes, can you share the link with us please if it's working on FIFA 16!
  9. FIFAMoro

    Zoran kits for fifa 16

    Bro do you have Nizhny Novgorod new kits tenplate?
  10. FIFAMoro

    robmar85's National Teams Kits

    Yes I know, I just can't make modifications on CM because I'm playing a career mode
  11. FIFAMoro

    robmar85's National Teams Kits

    Thank you so much <3
  12. FIFAMoro

    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Please anyone
  13. FIFAMoro

    Kit(s) Request Thread

    If you have a PC you can click on the link then download the file and maybe you'll discover how many kits are there.
  14. FIFAMoro

    Kit(s) Request Thread

    What is gede graphic?
  15. FIFAMoro

    Face(s) Request Thread

    Does anyone have Tahith Chong's face ?
  16. FIFAMoro

    Bench with more than 7 players/5 substituitions

    I've tried 8, 9 and 11 players but the game crashes!
  17. FIFAMoro

    Kit(s) Request Thread

    Does anyone have this template of Alioth by Macron
  18. FIFAMoro

    FIFA 10 ASI Loader + Asset Loader

    Is it possible to do this with FIFA 16?
  19. FIFAMoro

    Face(s) Request Thread

    Please someone to convert this from FIFA 14 to FIFA 16 Gonzalo Maroni V2: