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    ballinham's Tattoo Conversions

    thanks and fantastic tattoos very nedeed
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    John Shadow 8's Graphics

    fantastic boots as always
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    Devil's Kits

    fantastic kits!! thanks
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    robmar85's National Teams Kits

    thanks for wales kitpack!
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    Pepis Tailor Shop

    Pepis can you make all gk kits for wales? Makispla make but ae old Thanks for all
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    elnino's Gloves

    fantastic gloves el nino please can you make this? thanks for all
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    siralex90's 16/17 Kits

    fantastic work siralex90 your adidas spray kitnumbers are compatible with fifa 14? thanks for all
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    Graphics by Ron69

    In alemania kitpack spain etc.... your kitnumbers are compatible with fifa 14?
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    elnino's Gloves

    Thanks elnino and sorry for the inconvenience
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    elnino's Gloves

    please elnino can you make this gloves: thanks for your fantastic gloves
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    Gloves by Dnepr

    fantastic gloves dnepr please can you make eurocopa adidas gloves?? the gloves are this: thanks
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    Graphics by Ron69

    fantastic work!! RON69 your kitnumers works in fifa 14?? thanks for all
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    xuskan Works'16

    thanks xuskan for your fantastic work!!
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    white_knight's Scoreboards

    your work its fantastic work in fifa 14?? thanks
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    Patrichos' Boots

    hi patrichos what the model use for the adidas 16.1 whitout sock for fifa 14? thanks
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    Re-made gloves

    ooohh sorry jeje thanks kokasolo
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    Re-made gloves

    gertone please this gloves by xuskan thanks for all!!
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    Gameplay Question

    please can you give me the cl.ini for regularcat? thanks for all
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    Re-made gloves

    very needed gertone thanks for the gloves amazing work