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    Jermaine Jones is Coming Home

    LOL at Ibisevic and Subotic playing for the US.
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    SF #1: Germany vs. Turkey [P+R]

    lol!!! you're dumb :bob:
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    I need Cristiano Ronaldo wallpapers

    hello, anyone have any? i need them on my fan site. thanks
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    Africans finally seen as equals in Spain

    What the hell? Why? That makes no sense. Why is there a foreigner rule if people from another continent aren't counted as foreigners?
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    Euro 2008: Malta v Turkey (lol)

    saudi arabia in the world cup is always fun to watch... turkey is 20x better than them
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    Antonio Puerta (1984-2007)

    my god!! scary stuff.. such a young player too. is saying he is in stable condition now.. but i am not sure if they are right. i hope he can pull through and make a full recovery.
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    Dortmund Keeper Banned for Racism.

    Okay Roman Weidenfeller did mess up.. but dont you think this happens in all the other leagues ALL THE TIME and just goes unnoticed? According to Asamoah, Weidenfeller called him a "black pig." This happened during the Dortmund - Schalke game.. if you dont already know, this is a local derby...
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    Chelsea F.C [2007-2008] Thread

    Sagna that signed with Arsenal would have been a good signing. i think he is a very good player.. and his hair remind me of Ba
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    Who do you think are the Best Keepers in the World?

    1. Buffon 2. Cech 3. Lehmann 4. Enke 5. Van Der Sar 6. Coupet 7. Kahn 8. Weidenfeller 9. Casillas 10. Boruc
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    Real Madrid Thread [2007-2008]

    CMetze is better than Pepe? Really??? I doubt it.
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    New richest man of the world (makes me sick)

    i figure the main reason rich people give to charity is so they can deduct it off their taxes.. so in reality they give it to charity instead of the government.. and they get positive publicity.. not sure if u get that in mexico.. but isnt there extremely an extremely rich person in the...
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    The Official Paris Saint Germain Football Club Thread

    hey can anyone tell me anything about rosenhal.. is he decent, good, very good, great? anything would b helpful.
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    Official German NT Thread aka Sauerkraut Thread

    lol.. he moves to RB..
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    UCL Group A: Barcelona vs Bremen [P+R]

    Okay to clarify... was gudjohnsen offside or not? I thought he was... but didnt the same thing happen in Euro 2004 when RvN scored against the Czechs? Did the rule change since then or were both offside anyway. I think he should clearly be offside since he got an unfair advantage. Can anyone...
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    Bayern München Thread [2006/2007]

    Daum?!?! WTF I dont even think Dortmund would take a chance with him! Bayern will surely stick with Magath through this season and then decide after the season whether to retain him or not. You first need to find someone better than Magath before you fire him... you cant just fire someone to...
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    German Bundesliga Thread [2006/2007]

    How good was Weidenfeller?!?!? Great goal by close! Great work by Tinga as well.. best performance from bvb ive seen in a while!! :lui:
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    ::rap Thread::

    jay z is the best. the game sounds almost identical to DRE on this album!! k-os atlantis is brilliant!
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    German Bundesliga Thread [2006/2007]

    After this sorry ass result, Bert van Marvjik's job is in balance. Anything less than a decisive win again Nurnberg next Saturday hopefully will be the end of his time at dortmund. He is great at developing youngsters, but his leadership is in question. The team constantly underperforms and...
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    BV Borussia Dortmund thread [2006-07]

    thanks for the correction. i forgot about that bull**** penalty call.
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    BV Borussia Dortmund thread [2006-07]

    :) Dortmund won 3-1 against Cottbus today. Our goals came from Brenner x2 and Frei (THANK GOD) Ricken set up Brenner twice. He scored two goals but was still a sorry as defender. A good result that we can build on next friday against bochum who got handled 6-0 by Bremen. I predict a...