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    New Kits 2006/2007

    Barça is ugly...
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    FootyGames Launched!!

    Yeah :rockman: :rockman:
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    My Kit Thread

    Nice Willem II kit Matthijs :) Are you gonna make the new Dutch kits as well? :)
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    My Kit Thread

    I just hope Feyenoord doesn't get used to the fact that it went pretty f*cked up for Ajax and that they are above them in the ranking... :hump: Anyway, nice kits :)
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    Se7eN's Soccer Video Thread

    I'm looking for the CL 04/05 Semifinal: liverpool-chelsea, do you have it, a compilation or so?
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    Faces by DJ Atze

    Update the Emanuelson face... It's great, but as you can see on the picture you posted, he has his hair behind his ears, so you can see the ears.. He always has that...
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    Faces by DJ Atze

    Good to see a class facemaker making faces for Ajax! Hope there come more of them, for example Charisteas, Maduro, Trabelsi, Vonk and Rosales (H) They look great, but Babel's forehead is kinda big... Maybe this picture helps you: Here are several other players from Ajax, hope it helps...
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    Yqy5's Fifa2006 Face Supermarket

    Where is the picture? I don't see it...
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    Tools Or Tutorials For How To Edit Commentary Sounds!!!

    Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you, but it'll probably take more then two weeks, because it's two weeks to the release of FIFA 06, and I don't think Rinaldo makes his (excellent) tool that fast, he can release it hours after he got the game... And why? Because there is no Commentary-editing...
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    Tools Or Tutorials For How To Edit Commentary Sounds!!!

    Ozzyosb, read what Rinaldo says:
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    Portuguese Liga

    You're wrong, because the Dutch League is just "Eredivisie" now, and not "Holland Casino Eredivisie" anymore (Holland Casino = gambling)
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    Maggot - Vol. 3: (FIFA06 FACES)

    Can you show Maxwell? :rolleyes: I think Kuyt doesn't look to good, but the face (the face, not the hair) of Kalou is good :)
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    Best Goals In Gif

    In FIFA 2005 a lob like that (to trick the goalie) was Q+D, is it still in FIFA 06?
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    Kenny's Roster Patch

    How can u correct 2500-3000 playernames, when there are only 5 teams in the demo?? (5 teams * 17 players = 85 players)
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    In this screen, the Dortmund player on the left, has no face, just hair... Bug?
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    My Faces...

    I mean that I think the face doesn't look like Messi ;)
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    My Faces...

    I don't see a Messi in the second one... First one is looking good...
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    Kit template in FIFA 06

    Maybe I'll post them, but I posted this just to show the new template ;) Not to show the kits
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    Kit template in FIFA 06

    I've installed the demo, and in data/zdata_01.big I found the kits. They are 512x512 pixels, 24 bit BMP. Here are the Man Utd kits:
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    FIFA Football 06 Multimedia Thread

    These are on too, and there you don't have to register...