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    [Fake News]

    Funny though. Well done. Reaction to your posts says alot i think.
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    How to change the assignments of Keys?

    This is simply unbelievable. It really is. Who in their right mind releases a football game without controller reassignments or the ability to save replays. It truly defies belief. Also, i have a PS2 pad connected to my PC, and for some bizarre reason, it won't turn off the rumble force on my...
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    ARGGH! FIFA 2004=Garbage, when does PES 3 for PC come out!!

    You are SO wrong. This is not a bad port at all. You just need a fast system to run it. And that is not because it is a bad port, it's just that kind of system hungry game. If you have a decent system, it runs perfectly. Metal Gear Solid, GTA3 are 2 ports that were far worsely done than PES3...
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    Pes3 Fifa Commentry Patch

    There are sound programmes you could use to eliminate that background noise and isolate the commentary - not as difficult as it sounds. Loads of freeware/shareware programmes that let you play with sound in this way.
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    The only way FIFA 2004 is awesome...

    The commentary can also be used from FIFA for PES. Someone is working on a patch for this, so Motson will be commentating in PES (which has pretty awful commentary). Also other sound effects like players reacting can be used. Really not a major job to take the best elements of FIFA and put them...
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    Pes3 Fifa Commentry Patch

    It would be great i think if you could record commentary from actual matches on TV. That way you could really get some life-like sounding commentary. The FIFA one always sounds scripted, and not true Motson if you ask me. Don't know if this is possible, but worth trying perhaps.
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    I have never seen so much backlash before in a Fifa game

    Re: I have never seen so much backlash before in a Fifa game I've seen nothing to suggest EA is capable of producing a quality football game. The only reason they are still even making the game is that they are plowing all their money into licences and advertising, and making it all back...
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    Any Fifa 2004 PC Screenshots?

    I don't have any pics of the game as such, but here is a likeness...
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    Worst Game EVER!

    People take things far too seriously. We are on the internet people, talking about a game, not having a political debate in Government! And to all those who say that calling the game sh*t is merely an opinion, i beg to differ... FIFA is a crap game - technically, as a football game it...
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    Whole lotta ugly in here ...

    The game is s**t. What do you expect? Until such a forum is created, i guess the "hate, malice and intimidation" will continue...
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    Player Register

    2 things; 1.) If you're too lazy to do it yourself then pay £10, but it's a waste of money if you ask me...but also... 2.) Read this;
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    Worst Game EVER!

    Well that's just plain disgusting. You sick freak!:-puke:
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    Worst Game EVER!

    Re: Re: Worst Game EVER! Free country - i can say what i like. Who the f**k are you to try and censor my thoughts and opinions! This game is SH*T! Fact. Anyone who thinks otherwise is mentally deficient. Fact. :)
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    PES3 = cpu v cpu scripts

    If this IS the case, then it's a pretty remarkable bit of coding realism on the part of Konami. I don't know any team or player in the world who in the dying minutes of a game they were losing, would not put in every last bit of effort to try and salvage something from the game. What do you...
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    Worst Game EVER!

    This game sucks giant hairy testicles! Damn game won't even turn off the Rumble force on my PS2 pad, so it just rumbles contimously ALL the time - even when i exit the game!! Playing on a PC, but this is no excuse. There is not even a feature to configure your gamepad! And the menus! MY...
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    what a piece of sh[B]i[/B] t...

    FIFA players are like so many women whose husbands/boyfriends smack them around - they take it year in year out, all the time claiming their undying love and convincing themselves over and over that things will get better, but it never does and never will. Although those women have my deepest...
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    PES-Access Is Up And Running!

    Grrrr....don't get me started on that one again!:rolleyes: You know there is a patch out for the demo that makes it last forever don't you? The first ever never ends and the clock stays on zero. No highlights, but you get to play for as long as you like.
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    Pes3 Fifa Commentry Patch

    Is there more than ONE commentary track on FIFA?
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    PES3 = cpu v cpu scripts

    You're a fool culo - you simply don't know what you are talkiing about. Maybe you're playing a different game, but PES3 is not scripted. And you have yet to give a single example of what the hell you are on about by all this scripting!!
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    instant replays

    This is an annoying feature. It also means you can't replay fouls, or any other instance where the ball is 'reset' - very frustrating, especially with something like a handball where you have no idea what's just happened. Someone should make a patch for the full game when it's released to enable...