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    how to get classic players in ML?

    Where are they found and what are the names?
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    PES 2009 PC Patch 1.10 availiable NOW

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    whens the demo coming?

    anyone know any news for pes 2009 demo?
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    PES 2008 PS3...what a disaster

    konami pretty much screwed themselves over with this version, since the get-go ppl started converting back to fifa because of the BS this years version has. Every year more and more were switching from fifa and playing this cult following game but now they just shat the bed. Its not even so much...
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    PES 2008 PS3...what a disaster

    Wow. You would think with the all the capabilities that come with the PS3, all the graphical processing power and everything that KONAMI would at LEAST make the game 1080p, i tried it for PS3, NOPE!! AHAHHHHAA are u ******* kidding me? 720p???? THE COMPUTER VERSION IS 1080p, whats so hard about...
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    Anyone know online radio streams for tonights CL?

    Does anyone know any site that provides a streaming audio commentary for the champions league matches tonight?
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    first 20 Golassos
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    is kaiser beckenbauer?and also....

    is he? and how do I get classic players in the master league, i already unlocked them but they dont show up
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    where are the kits?

    How come no one has come out with any kits for pes2008?
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    Master League - Fatigue messed up?

    trust me, konami didn't make it too easy to score, the defense you are playing just sucks and u can outrun them every time...i play vs my friends and there isnt a player that can be used to score easily if you play good defense, if u commit against these players then yea they will burn you but...
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    can anyone write down flip flap , vfeint , 360 and elastico key combinations

    flip flap and elastico are the same, press R2 3 times quickly...i dont know what vfeint is so u gotta explain and 360 u just move ur right analog stick 360 degrees either way
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    Pes2008 Pc Review + Vid

    i agree on that part but its gonna take a bit longer to develop the game to that level
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    Diving And Shirt Pulling

    WTF did I just read?
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    Pes2008 Pc Review + Vid

    wat is with ppl and complaining about too fast gameplay? HAVE YOU SEEN REAL LIFE FOOTBALL? Go watch a man utd game on tv and then compare the speed of the player running down the wing in the tv match to the pes2008 match, then ask yourself which is too fast?
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    PES2008 human vs human

    pes6 had nothing cheap to it , if you got beaten by ppl cutting back a pass from the wing, then you just suck bro sorry to inform you. everything in pes6 was stoppable and you could always beat inter with a ****tier team cause inter itself is a ****ty team....
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    Question about curling shots

    your player has to be in a good position to curl a shot when he is about to shoot. If you are dribbling and the ball is far away from your players feet when u press to shoot, hes gonna rip it no matter how much u load the power bar, what you need to do is shoot when he is in a close dribble and...
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    PES 2008 Demo Expander

    wtf, why is there still no EXPANDER????????????
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    how to do lay off free kick?

    It used to be by pressing the right analog but I have no idea what to press in pes6 to get the first guy to lay it off for the shooter?