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    FIFA 08 - Impressions of the FULL version (PS3)

    I heard from some special sources that you can direerect you players with in game micrhophone. like tell them to go far or close. or play some double dee. I hope this is true. would be spectacular!
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    FIFA 08 UK ign Review.......

    It's hard to want a full course meal of fifa 2008...when I see no trust worthy reviews. all I see is the bun with no meat and sauces so far.... the big pickle is not even included in the meal....huh... what gives? thanx for the replies everyone. I geuss I will just wait until more reviews...
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    FIFA 08 UK ign Review....... 7.7 8.0 Presentation The trademark EA Sports polish is in evidence, although team management menus could be set up better. 8.5 Graphics Player animations are up to scratch, the close-ups are impressive, and the authentically...