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    Who will be best team in CM4?

    the best team and most difficult to beat is usually the current serie a champs
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    Bastistuta and Kaka linked with ManUtd move

    experience perhaps?
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    Victoria Beckham Kidnap!

    actually its a pity they didn't succeed....
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    things which irritate you....

    pop idols fame academy (f*ck off) victoria beckham :rolleyes: people who drink black coffee pes vs fifa...... blah blah heard it all before assclowns:sleep: pop PuNK ( eh?) chicks with hairy armpits (unfortunately, seen a couple down the years) :>
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    Russian hostage debacle.....

    Yeah...double standards for a ' democratic' ally:<
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    Russian hostage debacle.....

    Words defy me.... WTF:< Initially we learn that '90' hostages have been killed during the firefight to free them Now we are told that Russian special forces pumped a military nerve agent into the theatre....a nerve agent for f**ks sake.... that has now accounted for the deaths of over...
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    After a weekend playing it...

    Good post MaTe The PC zone review here in the UK was a washout so your review helped far more think i'll spash the cash this week for the game:>
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    Benifits of being a pro baller

    um.... Retiring @ 32 Getting your toes SuCKeD???? what r u on MaTe:>
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    [R]Angels vs. Giants[R]

    Its been an exciting series much better than last year I'm a Giants fan though MaTe:> Big BaRRy is the MaN :rockman: though...the Angels have been superb
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    MAFIA: Probably the best game I've ever played

    Arghhh:f***: took me about 14 go's:>
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    WhaT DA Ya think of HITMAN 2?

    You need to get the silent assassin ranking in a mission MaTE;) this is achieved by doing the hit with no alerts, killing only the target and making a clean getaway. get 2 silent rankings and you get the sawn-off shotgun:> the best missions to pull it off are the very 1st one and the...
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    Unreal Tournament 2003...The new fps standard?

    I've been battling away with this game online for the past few weeks but my interest is fast fading. sure the graphics are well KooL but it just plays like UT 99. Maybe I'm just getting bored with FPS's The same thing happened to me with MOH:>
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    MAFIA: Probably the best game I've ever played

    Yeah MaTE, good game but what about that racing level....frustration city
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    WhaT DA Ya think of HITMAN 2?

    The game got a reasonably bad review in PC zone, I think the game is better than the review suggests but it coulda been better. Although.. the silent assassin rank is nice as well as the silenced Ballers, I think these pistols are the coolest weapons i've used in any game:>
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    Who is the world's current best striker?

    Gotta go with Inzaghi
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    If you could be any pro footballer who would you be?

    Fabian Cool of auxerre...just 4 the name:>
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    Calling all Managers!

    um.....maybe next season
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    As soon as Chelsea..............

    Re: Re: As soon as Chelsea.............. Thats football for you mate:p
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    The Juan Veron thread

    its supposedly a squad rotation system, but it never seems to work out like that
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    Phat Songs

    NiRVaNa - radio friendly unit shifter SeX PiSToLs - belsen was a gas seventeen DRoWNiNG PooL - bodies