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    North American Soccer 2008

    Haha, Cienfuegos. (H)
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    SG's Best TV Show Competition [Final]

    The only people I know that would put Friends anywhere near their favorite show are chicks.
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    Euro expansion to 24 teams!?!??

    What I'm saying is, what the hell is the point of the group stage, if only one team from a group doesn't make it out of it? Otherwise, just scrap that, and start with knockouts right away. (I'm talking about the finals, not qualification)
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    Euro expansion to 24 teams!?!??

    More teams means more football to watch, which is a good thing, but no team that finishes third in their group should ever move on to the knockout stages.
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    The Official LOLCAT Thread

    Haha, it does.
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    Anybody here spit?

    I spit a lot when I'm coaching.
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    The EPL Relegation Dogfight thread

    Very happy for the American contingent at Fulham, especially McBride.
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    North American Soccer 2008

    Enjoy it for about 12 more hours. (H)
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    North American Soccer 2008

    I love it. (H)
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    North American Soccer 2008

    Nope. According to that, only Blanco, Gallardo, Lopez, Beckham, Angel and Reyna are DPs.
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    Post comments about comments!!!!

    I'll have to try that. I'm just pleased that I can still get a Cheesy Beefy Melt, even though it's no longer advertised.
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    This May's Maxim....

    I salute you, sir. Well done.
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    North American Soccer 2008

    I was indeed.
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    Chicago Storm @ Balitmore Blast [R]

    I should have tuned in. :(
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    North American Soccer 2008

    Where's the Crew? :(
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    New Kits 2007/2008

    adidas already took care of adventurous years ago: No more, please.
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    MLS Thread 2007

    :( :( :( I used to sit right in front of the 'ST' in stage. Now, I have to move.