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    For all of you P2P music freaks.

    Soulseek is, in fact, a tool crafted by god himself.
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    Okay,please help me get this straight...

    It'll probably come out as WE8:International early next year.
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    Non-WE7 Owner...Needs some questions answered

    One thing I didn't like while transioning from WE6 to WE7 is that dribbling has become way harder, in WE6 I loved to fly down the wings, dribbling past a couple of defenders and shooting a perfect cross, now dribbling is hard as f_ck, and a lot of beautiful plays and combinations that were...
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    I'm a person just like you But I've got better things to do Than sit around and **** my head Hang out with the living dead Snort white **** up my nose Pass out at the shows I don't even think about speed That's something I just don't need I've got the straight edge I'm a person just...
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    CONCACAF World Cup Qualifiying Thread

    What the hell happened to everyone? Guatemala, Jamaica and Costa Rica should've won by a landslide yet they all tied, and Honduras beat friggin Antilles by one goal? Something's seriously wrong.
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    Does all Linkin Park songs sound exactly the same?

    Hay guys I think I'm about to break.
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    U.S.A vs. Honduras [P&R]

    Yeah, cause the US is at a completely different level, I mean, we're talking, world-class, first level soccer here my friends, several world cups under its belt, outstanding participations in international tournaments such as the Copa America, world-class players in the biggest clubs in the...
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    Today I got robbed

    At school, I let this one kid borrow a pencil. He never gave it back.
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    My Lyrics........RAP

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    What do these sign/symbols mean?

    Last I checked, writing means writing.
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    Who here can't play soccer?

    I can play, not pro or anything, I'm really slow, and my shooting sucks, but I can do some pretty good passes, and I suck at juggling, I can do it for like 10 times.
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    The Official CONCACAF Champions Cup Thread

    The winner supposedly gets to go to the Clubs world cup, but that's what they've said for every previous iteration of the tournament, so I doubt it will happen.
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    What's with you people and your fancy shoes, I wear 3-year old $20 Converse Chuck Ts, all faded out with holes on them. (H)
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    Punk music

    It was Minor Threat the first ones who even used the term 'straight edge', plus, Op Ivy never had a firm anti-drug stance, it's rumored that they did drugs themselves. I agree with the rest of your post though, Punk is f_cking dead. The 90s were horrible, apart from some very minor acts, and...
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    Cristiano Ronaldo in PES3PC

    I got a 'lil question, what program did you use to import the face textures into the game?
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    10 years later, RIP Kurt Cobain

    Sublime's not even the best in its own genre, no way it would be better than Nirvana, that's just my opinion of course.
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    WE7 Megapatch by FCH

    I'm pretty sure 'mode' is spelled with an e at the end.
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    Mexico vs Costa Rica [R]

    Well, I don't know, I got the line ups from another site. :$ And that is the star team for CR, so they better do a good showing.
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    Mexico vs Costa Rica [R]

    The match will start in a couple of hours. Line-ups: CR:Adrián de Lemos en la portería, Mauricio Wright, Gilberto Martínez, Luis Marín, Try Bennette, Walter Centeno, Mauricio Solís, Junior Díaz, Ronald Gómez, Froylán Ledezma y Jewisson Bennette. MEX:Oswaldo Sánchez, Duilio Davino, Rafael...