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    Israeli Primer League By FIFA-ISRAEL

    Hey there, we are FIFA-ISRAEL and wer'e proud to present our extreme patch -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Israeli Primer League will swap the Danish league with its many elements: - 14 israeli teams and...
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    2 Major issues with my mod

    Hey friends, First, I got problem when I'm playing with my mod(replace the Danish league with the Israel). all of the crowd is in wear white for home and away games Second, how can I edit adboards? when I'm editing the big files my game is crashing. Thanks for the help!
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    How to edit adboard

    Hey guys, when I edit big files of the adboards the game is crashing. Any idea?
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    KO's scoreboards

    Could you send me in private Fbproject please?
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    KO's scoreboards

    Hey, someone can help me create this scoreboard?