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    aNuk3's Faces

    Would like to see how Emre Can's face looks ingame
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    FIFA 13 Faces

    Pastore YES, Shaqiri NOT :( Hello, Can somebody with the full version of FIFA 13 tell us if it is possible to assign the Tech-Fit Kit to each player you want in Edit Mode? So for example to make Kroos who actually does not wear this slim shirt to wear like Robben does.
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    FIFA-ASIA.NET World Tour 2011 patch for FIFA 11

    very nice kits bute can you show me the albanian kits?
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    New National Teams

    Albania too please
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    FIFA 11 Mystiq's faces

    looks great!!! try next an unmade face like Thomas Müller btw I don't know how to put the face in the game too sry :/
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    FIFA 11 Mystiq's faces

    guys if you want to have really good faces for FIFA you have to help this guy wherever and whenever you can ;)
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    Balti's Robe

    this is the best minikit template ! (Y) don't change it, please NUR DER HSV!!!
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    :: Mini Kit TOOL and others ::

    can you please try it :blush: the files looks to be the same
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    Gg1's FIFA 11 Next-Gen Faces

    I really don't know what you mean with neck but here's and update with Hamsik's chin and Boateng's eyebrows and nose... UPDATE 2 Hamsik (chin) Prince Boateng (eyebrows+nose) ...hope you like it
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    Gg1's FIFA 11 Next-Gen Faces

    UPDATE: Hamsik Boateng
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    Gg1's FIFA 11 Next-Gen Faces

    Thanks to all for comments especially for the Ingame but I knew that the model wouldn't look real because till we don't have progs to edit the model it is impossible to make them look real but here are some textures: Hasmik(I know hair is not good but at this point there isn't a prog either...
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    Den´s Fifa 11 Boots and Graphics

    haha :innocent_smile_1:(Y)
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    Manager Mode - Suggest A Player

    I bought Hatem Ben Arfa. But if you want an allrounder at RM you must buy Valon Behrami just look at his defensive abilitys. He is young very tricky(5*I think) and fast.I'm very pleased with him.
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    Gg1's FIFA 11 Next-Gen Faces

    then tell me how the f#ck i can do it because i never worked with Next-Model Face models !
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    Gg1's FIFA 11 Next-Gen Faces

    I've redone the face and this time I did not paid attention to the eyes nose and mouth because I'm pissed of them and I made a Behrami Face: Lorik Cana Valon Behrami
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    Balti's Robe

    No! Don't do it with this I've found a much easier program look at this: I used this for the bump from the HSV Home Kit i did for you btw FANTASTIC kits!!! ;)
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    A new miniface style...

    This looks too real for me :D I prefer previews of the ingame face to see how the face looks like in FIFA not how it's looking in real life. Can you make photos from Ingame faces and make with these photos minifaces? I think this would be really good.
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    Gg1's FIFA 11 Next-Gen Faces

    Yes me too :D
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    Gg1's FIFA 11 Next-Gen Faces

    ok thx my old PES friend ;) ok i used the nose and mouth cause we dont have the opportunity to model the face but how did you knew that its from Xabi Alonso :D
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    Gg1's FIFA 11 Next-Gen Faces

    what about this: