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  1. Alex

    Time Capsule...Liverpool Finally Win!

    So I've waited 19 years to of SG membership to finally celebrate a league win with Liverpool - never would have thought it would take this long! SG has obviously changed a bit in that time, but good to see some familiar members still around posting. 19 years ago the season just finished ended...
  2. Alex

    Account Email/Password Resets

    Any user who doesn't have access to their old registered email account, please register a new account and then PM me providing the the email they believe it was against, and I can look at resetting. If you don't know the email you registered with, please try and provide any information you can...
  3. Alex

    David Bowie and now Alan Rickman have died

    Both 69, both from cancer battles which weren't well known and most importantly both were absolute icons and so talented. RIP gents
  4. Alex

    American tourist’s observations about the UK go viral

    I found this hilarious, just because it reminded me of how so many Americans are so sheltered to anything outside of their own country. Basically, it's a list by an...
  5. Alex

    Football Manager release dates

    Does anyone else think they're missing out a bit release FM so late each year? By November, when the game comes out, the start of season buzz has died down a bit in my eyes. If they can't get the game out by August, perhaps they should wait 20 months for a release one year, and have it...
  6. Alex

    Happy Birthday CarlosDanger!

    How old are you old man!? 55? 60? Happy Birthday buddy, hope it's a good one
  7. Alex

    Best Sportsman Ever

    Who does everyone think is the most dominant at their particular sport ever? I say most dominant, as obviously comparing eras, comparing sports etc can be complicated. My vote would go to Sir Donald Bradman. He was an Australian cricketer in the 30s and 40s. His batting average was 99.94. To...
  8. Alex

    Gay Yuletide to All

    Not long after midnight here, so I hope everyone has a great and safe couple of days. For those who don't celebrate Christmas, move along, nothing to see here - though if you're in a nation which gets a holiday, enjoy the bonus day off!
  9. Alex

    Happy Birthday Sergeant ShiftyPowers

    Middle aged at last! The big three - zero? Do you feel old? You should. Thirties is where it all goes down hill, don't listen to old men like Carlos who will tell you otherwise. Happy birthday old man!
  10. Alex

    Preorder online and get beta two weeks early...

    Anyone do this? It's an offer going at the football manager 2014 main site...Means the beta should be out any day now. I got it from green man gaming, so it was reasonably priced too.
  11. Alex

    Another Day, Another Mass Shooting?

    So just got news of the terrible news that there was another mass shooting in the US, this time in Chicago. 11 wounded (is the news so far) and at least one fatality. Clearly the answer is to ensure EVERYONE has more guns to protect themselves :kader: ??
  12. Alex

    People Born After Shifty Registered Can Join

    So minimum age for these forums is meant to be 13. Shifty registered in May 2000. This means that we'll likely soon be getting guys joining who were born after Shifty registered here. That to me is crazy talk, I can't fathom these guys being born in a world that had always had internet forums, much...
  13. Alex

    The Official I THINK I'm Bored Thread

    The title in the other one was a little definitive for me. I think I'm bored, I mean I usually only come on SG when I'm bored and looking for things to do, but now I'm here, I'm not sure I'm still bored. A little help? Is the other thread open to people in this conundrum? It is official after...
  14. Alex

    Think I Accidentally Deleted My Post About Guns

    Where did it go? :(
  15. Alex

    Hand of God!

    So in my game, I have just had Ronaldinho try a hand of god - almost identical to Diego's! He scored too! But it was disallowed :( Anyone else seen this?
  16. Alex

    Fireman or Sleeping Bag?

    Az has been itching to ask this question of the general public. Az, Shifty and I are firemen, there are quite a few ugly sleeping bags around though. Just vote - make Az a happy little Jew (or a disgusted one)
  17. Alex

    Do Mandieta6 and Yoyo really annoy you?

    I've just noticed how annoying these two users, in particular, are around these forums. Mandieta6 even thought it was funny to pretend to be another veteran of the forums, ruin his reputation, before moving back to being himself. Yoyo disgraced a former user - who now REFUSES to come back to...
  18. Alex

    The misuse of hack

    Does anyone else get annoyed by idiot friends - and other stupid people, using the word "hack" to mean "I accidentally stayed logged in to Facebook/Hotmail/Gmail on a public PC" etc... Hack, in a computer context, means to gain access through a loophole etc. The world is now full of these...
  19. Alex

    Brushing Your Teeth

    When you brush your teeth, do you wet the toothbrush before adding toothpaste, after adding toothpaste, before and after, or do you not wet it at all? Sir_Didier_Drogba, we know that you're British and therefore don't brush. I'm an after paste wetter. I think prewetting can cause lubrication of the...
  20. Alex

    Same Sex Marriage

    So who is for, who is against gay marriage? Why do you have that view? Anyone that posts, it'd also be good to know if you know any gays or lesbians, or are friends with any - it may help qualify, or validate a point. Also, as we're from around the world, perhaps a quick run down on the...