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    Updated Transfers Patch for Online Play

    Let me warn you, this is considered cheating by Konami i think, they have a message when you log in that people should report people with changed databases...
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    For all who was cheated

    I think this is enough, if he sold the account to someone that someone must be pissed of now. :dragan: :evil:
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    For all who was cheated

    I got my password back. :D I've mailed KONAMI.
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    Sick of the Spanish

    I'm from Portugal and i have to go to english, we don't have a portuguese server and on the spanish there are mexicans and other south american players...
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    EA announces Champions League 2006/2007

    So don't buy the game, no one forces you to buy, UCL game in 2004 was great.
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    HELP! Online play problem

    I had that, keep trying, maybe you've not registered the game, mine wasn't, then worked i think.
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    EA announces Champions League 2006/2007

    Shut up, you don't know what you're talking about. It will have leagues like FIFA 07 too, it's not just a champions league game.
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    For all who was cheated

    The program sent the password to him and he changed it. Konami security system is ****ty...
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    For all who was cheated

    He's just 18. Sure i'll call his parents if he don't give me back my account.
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    For all who was cheated

    It's a crime, piracy, i may call his parents at least. I've payed for the game. I may also pay him a visit or send someone there. :)
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    For all who was cheated

    Hi people, there was a guy posting there a link that stoled some passwords of PES6 online including mine, i've managed to trace the guy, here are informations about him: Registrant: none Jimenez, Luis Mexico DF Mexico, DF 03020 MX Domain name: Administrative...
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    I want to know how we can do new scoreboards like that...
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    How to do that? :S
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    Can't get into Lobbys for 2 days now

    Me 2, i had to create other profile...
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    Couple of questions...

    The pass will be the original one.
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    Is Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Worth Getting?

    Dunno but should run, anyway you could have better computer, i assume it's a laptop, you should have got one with Core 2 Duo processor and a dedicated memory graphic card cause looks to me that you have a shared one... I have a Core 2 Duo E6400 with 2GB memory, X1950 PRO 256 GDDR3 and i run...
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    Online superteam !

    In PES5, i didn't heard any complaining this year, i also heard that if you change your database you can't login...
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    PES International Online League - Applications

    I'll play Online name: iNS.Mouta Country: Portugal
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    Online superteam !

    PES5 or PES6?
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    PES5 vs PES6

    I like more the PES6 shooting system, last year we had some weird goals and too many from outside box, one thing i don't like is how difficult is to score one on one with a direct shot, people do fake shot all the time.