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    Still making great stuff, don't you? Congrats, waiting for more (: By the way, are you Liam or Noel? '-'
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    12-13 Kits

    Not my first one. I make kits since FIFA 08. I decided to stop since FIFA 11 or 12 doesn't run in my pc, but i'm back (: Thanks for the comments, i should finish this pack in a week, or less... Thanks for advice, Leo_95
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    12-13 Kits

    FC Koln 12-13 What u guys think about this? CM Preview: Waiting your feedback...
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    12-13 Kits

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    Logos,Patterns & Elements

    FC Koln
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    looks amazing, dude... ;)
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    Den´s Fifa 12 Boots und Graphics

    awesome boots man...
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    First textures extracted

    great news here... editing looks very promising
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    [FIFA12] ***AmaroWaade CyberFaces***

    Mate, i think is about "your style"... it looks too much ea... try to use more sharpen... i don't know =/
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    Wolverine 12

    great work bro :D make more ;)
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    [FIFA12] - PATCHES and MODS by Doctor+ Productions (Fidel Gameplay)

    looks a great patch dude, i have shame of my pc... doesn't run nothing.. jajaja i can just play pac-man... anyway, great patch :D
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    Faces By DanielM.

    bad textures dude, try to watch some videos about how to make textures.. ;)