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    Going WCG?

    meee..i also in wcg...from singapore here [email protected]
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    Is it really comming?

    u know how much EA is gonna lost if they don't make it on PC...besides Fifa series has always been on PC every year and in WCG every year so it should be on pc.
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    Fifa 2006 in E3 !!! Offical!

    sighz E3 is like to early for me. i got wcg for fifa 05 !!!! dammit
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    W-c-g rules

    lol those off the ball bug players will die if thats true ahahahaha
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    latest patch for we8i?

    anyone know wats the latest patch? i'm kinda new to winning eleven 8 i need help
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    WCG for fifa 2005

    i wait for u with my bugs :P
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    all singapore players!!!!

    Exciting NEWS for all you FIFA2005 fans and gamers! It is confirmed that we are in the midst of organising a tournament during the March school holidays. Details of it are not concrete yet but we will inform you as plans start to get finalised. One thing is certain though, a tournament will...
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    WCG for fifa 2005

    lol if u go to the grandfinals u will seee ppl using this bugs
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    Is the asia version out?

    lol i rather save the money and keep the features for fifa 06. for me its WCG 05 with fifa 05 now:)
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    WCG for fifa 2005

    yeah uncle is good but he don't abuse as much bugs as jevrej. yeah the standard bugs for most ppl are the OTB crosses but for jevrej he got more than that. jimmy and alex are lame..i own them easily. as for u i'm not sure
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    WCG for fifa 2005

    lol i'm an online player and i know how germans and russian fair...russians ain't that strong..but the real threat is germans..only 20% of them are good. the rest are just sore losers. i ain't afraid of them coz i know my coaching from detrimental and jevrej (the best fifa player in the world...
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    Release date

    its released in singaproe today on the 28th january 2005..but too bad i ain't getting this game coz its crap
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    there is a way to avoid the classic otb bug?

    hahahah its done...theres a way to block it and i've learn it...go ask jevrej the master of bugs and the champion of fifa 05 :D
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    WCG for fifa 2005

    lol i own the malaysian guy who was thw wcg 2004 singapore champion man.. and i own the current malaysian singaporean is probably gonna rocked u malaysian ::p
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    Online Matches & Leagues Official Thread

    sure just add me in ur messenger (easportsonline) and message me when i'm on
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    how d ya quit out of replays online

    lol its not f1 , f4 , tab or f10
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    Online Problem !

    the problem lies with ur game. u must have downloaded or editted any file that is associated to fifa..reinstall ur fifa
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    Online Matches & Leagues Official Thread

    wait wait wait..u say ur the fifa 05 professional champion ?:rofl: and on the other hand u say u can beat players who played fifa for the first time? i suggest u add me [email protected]