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    About WE7 / PES3....

    EA has the licenses locked up? I can't believe that FIFPro or the leagues would want to do anything like that. The more licenses they sell, the more money for them - why would they want to do exclusive deals? Does anyone know that that's the way it works for sure? Obviously none of the U.S...
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    What is the difference between ISS & PES and FIFA

    If you're looking for the premier soccer title on Xbox at the current time, I would urge you to try FIFA 2003 before committing to MLS ExtraTime 2002. I have both and I think FIFA 2003 far outpaces ExtraTime. I know all of the arguments for ISS/PES over FIFA for realism, but there are two things...
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    ps2 or xbox!!!!!

    If you are looking at the long-term, it seems obvious that your choice should be the Xbox. The first argument many will come up with is that the PS2 has a bigger game library. In reality, the Xbox game library is quickly gaining parity with the PS2 game library. And don't forget that quantity...
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    Planet GameCube Impressions

    "I do believe that FIFA 2003 is easier to pick up and play for people that have never played a FIFA title before" "Thats NOT what I wanted to hear." Personally, I wouldn't put too much stock into that comment about FIFA 2003 being easier to pick up. It's just different - that's all. My...
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    Planet GameCube Impressions

    I think most of us already understand why the FIFA series has been so long in moving toward ultimate realism in the sport. This "impressions" article further underscores the fact that most of the market that EA caters to doesn't see the game like we do, and hence why FIFA is the way that it is...
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    Tournaments with your friends : EA Have messed it up again !!!

    Playing leagues and tournaments with more than one (human) player was the #1 feature I was waiting for in FIFA. It sounds like they went about halfway with it. This is disappointing. Questions: Can you at least save a multiplayer league or tournament in progress and come back to it later...
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    FIFA 2003: Which platform?

    Officially? I don't think so, but it seems that some folks have been able to get their hands on some early copies. Maybe I'm just confused too. EA's site does show the PC version shipping sometime in October though. - Holesinswiss
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    Pccd, Xbox, Ps2, Gc

    It seems that the Xbox version might have the edge on graphics. Sure, you can Carlos it up with the PC version, but it just depends on your playing habits I guess. - Holesinswiss
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    FIFA 2003: Which platform?

    Somehow I expect that I will break down and buy it for both PC and Xbox. My coworkers and I have had too much fun setting up ad hoc FIFA leagues over the network to not get the PC edition, especially now that it natively supports multiplayer league play...
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    FIFA 2003: Which platform?

    I'm still undecided on which platform to get FIFA 2003. It is between the PC and the Xbox. On one hand, there is the PC version which will allow networked multiplayer. On the other hand, there is the Xbox version which will offer a richer control experience since it is a console (not to mention...
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    Test Poll

    This is just a test poll - I haven't done this before. Did I do it right?
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    Fifa 2003 flaws

    "And people should say Konami's PR department and Licensing department needs fire lit up their butts, so that they will feature more leagues, better kits and so on." And people should say that Konami should just bring their friggin' game to the U.S. (if they got any ;-) yes, for the...
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    New FIFA 2003 Interview, please check this out!

    If the new ball control and physics models live up to their potential, this could be a turning point for the FIFA series. The new AI sounds great as well. I don't really care about the raw quantity of content - that can be taken care of by the community as long as the core game is solid...
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    Fully Integrated Multiplayer Mode

    Has it been confirmed or denied whether FIFA 2003 will fully integrate multiplayer throughout the game? To me, that has been the single biggest gap in the FIFA series thus far. I should be able to play a league, cup, or whatever in multiplayer mode rather than just friendly matches. -...
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    Xbox version

    Xbox Live support would be excellent, but since EA seems to just offer shallow ports of their games across all platforms (and is particularly stingy with the Xbox), it isn't going to happen. At least not this year. I expect FIFA 2003 will be another significant advancement in EA's soccer...
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    Very stupid

    "It's not a bug, it's a feature!" LOL. You guys are such kidders. If only I could get away with those kind of arguments on the FIFA side. "No, no... they meant it to be like that!" Just havin' fun. ;-) - Holesinswiss
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    MLS ExtraTime 2002

    I picked it up over the weekend and I've probably played for about 6 hours now. It's been quite a while since I've spent any length of time with a Konami soccer game since I'm primarily a PC gamer and I've long preferred FIFA anyway (I really believe that EA is slowly but surely filling the gaps...
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    MLS ExtraTime 2002

    Thanks - I had seen both of those. I scoured all the references I could find with Google as well as other places. I was just hoping one of the good fellows from here or SGN might have had a review of the game brewed up. - Holesinswiss
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    MLS ExtraTime 2002

    So I'm finally going out to get my Xbox tonight. I've got several games on order, but I'm going to pick up a couple tonight so I have something to play in the meantime. One of the games I'm considering is MLS ExtraTime 2002. I've found a few postings here and the usual watered-down magazine...
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    To all you complaining about this game . .

    There are two big gaps in the game to me. 1. Full Multiplayer Integration Why, after how many iterations of this game, can I still not play a season or a tournament with a friend or five? New versions of FIFA need to have multiplayer fully integrated throughout the game to maintain...