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    FIFA10 edited by Marian T. (2015 UPDATE)

    Looking good. Can U upload the Hungarian League in cmp format somewhere?
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    Fifa patchkz 14/15

    OK, thanks.
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    Fifa patchkz 14/15

    That was the first thing what i did...the problem is something else. Does the patch need better system req than the original game? I have Windows XP, 1.6 Ghz processor, 1 GB RAM, Intel 945 Chipset Express Family video card. May be my laptop is too weak...but i can run FIFA10
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    Fifa patchkz 14/15

    First of all, really great work. I have some problem with the graphics . After the intro, the game crashed. I removed the zdata80.big, then used the fatbuilder. Now the menu is OK, but when I try to play, the game crash again. No matter, which teams i try to use. Any idea? (I have installed the...
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    Faces 2013 for FIFA 10 There is a facepack for Atlético, including raúl garcia. I don't know who made it.
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    FIFA 10 2013-2014 Mega Patch By Fatalrhym (Convert FIFA 14)

    "that I get this in the new league?" Add league/team name with CM10
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    Attlee74 kits

    hun: fasza diósgyőr mezek:) más magyar mezeket nem tervezel esetleg? a mennyei bajnokság megérdemli, hogy itt is jelen legyen:innocent_smile_1: eng: cool diósgyőr kits.:) do you planning other hungarian kits? the hungarian holy league deserves to be present here...
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    Faces by RALE for FIFA 10
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    Faces by RALE for FIFA 10

    no one cares, and stop spamming. thx.
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    Fifa 10, Classic Patch return.....

    I found the classic patch in the fifakorea site if anyone is still interesting about it...for download you need to register, but the link is still working. P.S. : I have installed the...
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    Faces 2013 for FIFA 10 all you need is to use the search function of the forum... finding giroud face took me about 3 seconds...
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    New FIFA14 kits converted

    you can import to your fifa10 with creation master 10
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    manager mode and tournaments

    You didn't said that you updated the whole EPL... there can be the problem. Because some teams now you have in the EPL and other english leagues too...and some teams now missing from all english leagues. Let's see an example for Blackburn and Stoke: in the original FIFA08, Blackburn...
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    manager mode and tournaments

    Did U replaced the new teams in the leagues too? Or just in tournament menu? What did you done with the old teams? What about the new teams? Maybe some problem with the new team' ID, missing stadium...
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    You need the bigfat.exe...use it. Some antivirus systems says that the file is a virus, but it's not. Download it. Than copy the bigfat.exe file to the fifa08 main directory. Start game with the bigfat.exe. Play. For the patches...Most of the patches are cmp files. Use Creation Master 08...
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    Same question here...:D
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    Faces 2013 for FIFA 10

    Thx. Nice work.
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    Do you use the bigfat.exe?
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    Dorinell's faces

    You're welcome;) bundesliga adboards:
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    Dorinell's faces

    U can import the fsh files, just like the png files in the same place. When you import face texture in the face menu, there is a "import from fsh" icon. Use this.