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    anyone know where there is a complete list of tricks/moves in PES 2008?
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    New replay system! A joke?

    You do know that you can change camera angle and focus, right?
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    PES2008 trick guide

    I've added an explanation now :)
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    PES2008 trick guide

    It's the buttons on the XBOX controller which you see when opening your settings-file. I'll make an explanation-picture tomorrow.
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    PES2008 trick guide

    Hi guys. Here's a list of some of the new moves in PES2008, I've tried making videos of each trick in order to show you how it looks in the game: Let me know if I'm missing something.//Rhiger -
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    You dive by pressing LT, LB and RB at the same time. And yeah I've succeeded in making a dive which awarded me a freekick. However, I think it's stupid that the players are showed the yellow card every time they try to dive - that's not realistic. Just look at United's game against Sporting...
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    Evo Web Site ??

    Yeah it's down. It's not the first time - they've had problems on/off for a couple of days now
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    Everton transfers :-)

    what do you mean? You can transfer them yourself. And if your want their faces then you can get them at
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    Big Question

    Try deleting some of the replays
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    help needed regarding faces
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    Request A Face/Hairstyle

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    Anyone made any celebrities faces?

    A Prison Break one:
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    Anyone made any celebrities faces?

    Next time just ask over at - Most of the facemakers posts there so the chances of finding the faces you are looking for are bigger.
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    New Facemuseum-site -

    There was a major breakdown in one of my host's server - pesfaces was located on this server unfortunately. But everything works fine now:
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    Where is PesFace? I need Maradona Face!

    Pesfaces has moved to Http:// after the owner of soccergaming deleted the site. Yes it does - 67 classic faces to be more precise. In the others-section.
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    How to make my own face.

    It should also be described in that tutorial - just use GGS (Game Graphic Studio) - you can find it in the tools section overthere.
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    site with faces for pes6

    Aah this just shows that there are probably still many people using the old domain directing them to socceraccess now which is a shame as I don't have any possibility of telling them to go to the new site. Hopefully the word will spread eventually :)
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    How to make my own face.

    Here's a tutorial on how to make a face: Look in the tutorial section for video tutorials
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    New Facemuseum-site -

    Hi guys. Just thought I'd let you know that I've opened a forum over at pesfaces only for faces. It seemed silly that the "face site" did not have a forum for people to post their faces. I hope all of you will post your faces over there and hopefully others comment on the faces. Take care.
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    Pes faces here

    Yonyon - great faces! I've opened a forum over at pesfaces, you are more than welcome to post your faces there. So is everybody else for that matter.