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    Specific improvements over FIFA 08?

    In terms of Champions League... Is the final game played at a neutral site with neutral crowd reaction? Can't understand how they keep missing that every year... Neutral!
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    First review of PES 2009!

    i think i can speak for many of us when i say thank you for the effort of posting pics on the post... i wish they had more specific info on champions league as to which teams aren't properly licensed for the champions league... I am assuming at least Chelsea is probably one with more to follow...
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    Hoping PES09 will be able to compete with FIFA 09

    out of curiousity, what will Fifa do since PES has taken the CL rights? Perhaps what PES use to do with the WEFA Cup? Personally I believe having the CL rights intales good news for Champions League in general... One things is for sure, when you win the CL Cup odds are that you'll celebrate with...
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    PES 2009 news + trailer

    yea, but sometimes i'd rather just play a champions league rather than season and champions league and with no simulation option this would help someone like myself... i guess to make all parties happy they should give the player the option.
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    niiiiiiice... better late than never...
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    i'd rather have micheal Carlos*son as a backup keeper...
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    and that's why i get excited about guys like mancini (27 years old), muntari (23) and possibly quaresma (i believe low 20's.)
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    cambiasso is kind of like gattuso but with way more ball skill... love gattuso, but don't let him shoot, lol.
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    O, my bad thanks for the clarification... but still even then we would have mancini, muntari, cambiasso, figo(i realize could be his last year) possibly quaresma, jimenez (for whome i like alot) with stankovic and vieira on my **** list for a lackluster previous season... i guess we'll see how...
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    I agree... never a surplus of middies. plus i'm loving the fact that inter are purchasing young studs rather than "about to peak superstars"... by the way, i'm am definitely not interested in purchasing lampard next season when i believe he will be 33 years old? this season though, it would have...
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    Thanks Yoss... definitely keep it updated and also from time to time rep the old school. One of my Fav videos is the one when we beat Real M in the champions league... i'll never forget the sound/energy of the crowd that night, amazing.
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    hey interistas... i just built a myspace page based on inter (fan page.) check it out, if you have myspace send me a friend request. have a ton of time this week so decided to make it. if you have videos/pics you can pasta them right on there and maybe we could have some fun with this. check it...
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009] nice to see crespo and any other player for that matter wasn't used for the transaction of mancini... that could allow for a smoother transaction for another player (here's to Lampard, but i am not holding my breath.) On Lampard, if we can't...
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009] Welcome Mancini... a fantastic move and i didn't know he's only 27 years old, perfect!
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    not only DOES the Zlatan fit i am sure he will center the attack around him... according to reports they both hit it off when they first met. In regards to Crespo, as much as i like him, there's just too many strikers who are younger and a bit more skilled than him... there's a possibility he...
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    it does sound funny, but my brother says he said it in a jerk way. PS... my brother is also a juventino so it may not be a reliable source.
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    Internazionale Milano [2008-2009]

    my brother's soccer team went to italy last summer for a tourney for the age under 12 for i believe the cup in como? his team visited inter's training ground and not only got up close but also visited the locker room area... my brother thinks Ibras an ahole because one of his players asked for...
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    It's official: The Special One goes to Inter

    as an Interista i am excited about having such an alenatore to join the successful club... players respect him and i look forward to continue success under his reign...
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    Juventus FC: THE RETURN [2007/2008]

    but why do you guys need another forward? i realize he's good but you have Iaquanta, Trez and Del Pierro... couldn't have you focused on another middy other than alonzo? you can never have enough middies...
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    The Inter Milan Thread [2007/2008]

    i don't see Zlatan leaving... he's happy here, and moratti loves him plus you got this...'s-Serie-A