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    Leslie and Major Mack

    Toronto is slowly taking over the forum lol. What the hell are you doing over by Leslie? There's nothing but a highway, the snowplow 'depot', and some fields. Yonge and Mack is where it's at (Y) .
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    Scotland - Italy [R]

    What a fucķing joke. (N)
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    2003 Crew REPRESENT!

    No idea what's going on but I have to represent. 2(H)(H)3
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    Spiderman 3

    I completely agree. The first two were pretty good but this one felt like just another cheesy superhero movie. Luckily Spike has the Godfather 1 and 2 on tomorrow so I can get over this.
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    We got tickets early and the FamousPlayers we went to was sold out and packed when we got there. The movie started at 10:15, we arrived at 9:30 and still ended up at the back of the line with not very good seats.
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    Moral Politics test

    I'm down there with Rob Your Score Your scored 0 on the Moral Order axis and -7 on the Moral Rules axis. Matches The following items best match your score: System: Conservatism, Liberalism Variation: Economic Conservatism, Economic Liberalism Ideologies: Ultra Capitalism...
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    David Beckham Surprises Cancer Patient

    Damn that last line was a like punch in the gut. I was really hoping she would get to meet him.
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    Brazil blocks youtube!

    If anything she's just made things worse. I would have never even known who she was or watched the video if Cicarelli hadn't done anything. The decision to ban YouTube for all of Brazil just doesn't make any sense.
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    Terry Tate

    Felcher & Sons Europe :D
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    Fight night Not much of a 'fight' but still pretty bad for basketball's standards.
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    Ever been bit by a horse fly? Even worse :(
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    Pauly shore got knocked out by a redneck!

    haha that guy deserves some kind of award.
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    *sigh* the war begins.... (Canada vs. USA)

    Meh. The rest of Canada already hates Toronto so this is nothing new.
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    C.ronaldo on ipod

    If that were to happen he would inevitably be blown over himself :fluffy:
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    7.0.1 released

    How do I 'uninstall' the patch? Thanks.
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    Which sport do we suck at the most?

    Ice Hockey. Wade Belak was a star player on one of your teams during the NHL lockout.
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    Any chance...

    I could make creased kits :)
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    UEFA Cup Thread 2006-2007

    Matchday 3 - 23 November 2006 A Auxerre 2-2 Rangers A M. Haifa 1-0 Partizan B Leverkusen 0-1 Tottenham B Club Brugge 1-1 Dinamo Bucuresti C Liberec 4-1 Grasshoppers C Sevilla 2-0 Braga D Parma 2-1 Heerenveen D OB 1-1 Lens E Basel 2-2 Nancy E Feyenoord 0-0 Blackburn F Sparta...
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    Toronto to have highest season tickets sold in MLS(!)

    We should make a TFC thread.
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    MLS Expansion Draft [R]

    Horatiu that was Jim Brennan. AM 640 Toronto has a show dedicated to FC Toronto this Saturday at 11am.