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    What program can you use to create and assign generic kits?

    It looks like in creation master you have to upload an image no matter what. I just want to be able to cycle through a few popular styles and assign the colors and make that the kit and shorts for that team. Kind of like old FIFA versions had in their in game edit mode. Does that exist? It...
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    European Super Patch

    Any chance while you wait for people to help with realistic jerseys with logos and everything, you can maybe at least do some temporary ones with close to their real color scheme? The ones I've seen so far on uncompleted teams are very generic single color jerseys and shorts.
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    MXTRA 16 Patch

    Cool. I forget; did you put in an AFC Champions League too along with the J-league? I could have sworn I played one that had Aussie, Saudi, Korean and Japanese teams. Or am I mixing up your patch with another?
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    MXTRA 16 Patch

    Thanks again for your awesome work! Do you ultimately have plans to ad back as much or more new leagues as last year's version? Or are you sticking to North American content this time?
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    Career Revolution Mod 16

    If you could figure out a new way to get many more opportunities to change jobs. I played with values in the ini in your FIFA 15 mod and still got stuck in a job for a long time despite success.
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    Anyone Know A Tweak To Force Job Offers?

    I'm already using the more job offers tweak in beta's better career mod, but I seem to be really stuck on my current team. Anyone know something more likely to work?
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    FIFA 15 Better Career Patch

    So did anyone figure out the best values for the joboffer.ini section to get the most offers most often?
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    FIFA 15 Better Career Patch

    Haven't noticed, but I didn't install the "higher player values and contracts" module. Didn't install anything having to do with finances and transfers because I was afraid it would mess up any ability to sign anyone really good. Although I'm seeing a lot more "not for sale at any price"...
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    FIFA 15 Better Career Patch

    What does "realistic transfers" do? Beta's description says less top player movement. Does that just mean the ai doesn't transfer these players, or does it make it near impossible for the player to buy them as well?
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    FIFA MXTRA Patch (AFC/CONCACAF Expansion Featuring J-League)

    There's no way to make my current career work with the next version, right?
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    FIFA 15 Better Career Patch

    Thanks for this great patch. A few observations. It does seem to affect existing career saves for me. Also, I've narrowed a problem down to "improved player morale & contracts". If I install that option, my game will always crash when loading a new season; whether starting a career or going from...
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    FIFA MXTRA Patch (AFC/CONCACAF Expansion Featuring J-League)

    Hey, I'm loving this patch, thanks. One thing. Some tournaments have a generic globe trophy presented in game that the players can't even hold correctly. I thought it was strange so I opened up your patch in creation master. Those trophies apparently have missing textures. Among them are the...
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    Will My Career Save Be Damaged If I Change Or Create An INI File ?

    I'm thinking of creating a joboffer.ini file and see if I can get more offers in career mode. It doesn't exist in this game files for some reason, so I'm not sure the game will even read it. But I'm most concerned about getting a corrupted save.
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    Corrupted Career After Using Creation Master

    Seriously? So the profile is now compatible with the bad database, which makes it incompatible with the good database and it's career saves? And there's nothing that can be done?
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    Corrupted Career After Using Creation Master

    I was poking around the files and must have accidentally saved the open db. Tried to play and my career was damaged. I restored the main db and the locale db from the .bak files that cm created, but my save still won't load. Anything I can do? edit: I'm now 100 percent sure the database is now...
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    2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil PC Conversion Patch Thread

    I love this idea so much. However, EA will definitely treat it as piracy if they find out about it. I don't know if SG is even cool with the discussion.
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    [DOWNLOAD] FifaMania Superpatch 14!!!

    Thanks. Does it have a club world cup programmed in like previous years' versions? If not, will it eventually on update?
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    FIFA Road to the World Cup 2014 Released

    I think he's asking if there is or can be a way to scramble or randomize the pairings and groupings so it's not always according to the real life 2011-2014 schedules.
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    FIFA Road to the World Cup 2014 Released

    Oh, I see. I guess it was just a coincidence that the games in which I took notice of the location was at the home stadium of the team I was playing with. Or was that a glitch? When I said generic, I just meant not necessarily painstakingly modeled on real stadiums, but still including the WC...