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    Tracksuits by Angelo78

    Your work is amazing. Can you make a New Balance tracksuit for Costa Rica NT? Colors can be red and blue.
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    Ruiorey's Tracksuits

    Thanks for your amazing work Ruiorei. Just want to tell you Costa Rica is now wearing New Balance (not Lotto). If you can make it would be great.
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    Commentators Faces

    Fernando Palomo and Mario Kempes please
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    Kap's Conversions

    Can you convert Carles Puyol? Please !!!
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    Converted Face Corner

    Carles Puyol please
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    Face(s) Request Thread

    Can someone please create or convert Carles Puyol's face from fifa 14 to 15? Thanks in advance.
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    Face Request Thread

    Yeltzin Tejeda plays for Evian (France)
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    Pawel's Faces

    Thanks for the faces (specially Borges, Bolaños and Tejeda). Amazing!!!
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    Mr.89's Faces

    Are those faces going to be released before 2015 or am I just dreaming?
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    Mr.89's Faces

    Bryan Oviedo please
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    FV.Bart's FIFA 14 Faces

    So, ForzaMilan: are you mexican? do you have envy of costa rica? is it because Costa Rica did it better than a team you were supporting during WC? Viva Costa Rica Ticos...Ticos
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    Son_of_God's Faces

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you...
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    Mr.89's Faces

    Agree with julian1997. We want Oviedo. Release please.
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    Son_of_God's Faces

    Te apoyamos son of god, sigue adelante. Saludos desde Costa Rica.
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    Son_of_God's Faces

    Great Campbell. Waiting for release.
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    Mr.89's Faces

    Great Oviedo face. Congratulations and thanks for your work.
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    Mr.89's Faces

    Yes please, Bryan Oviedo.
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    FIFA 14 Faces Archive

    fifa pro: you don't have to say sorry or feeling bad. You did right. Vilanova was a great man and we know that. I think most of people in this post support and agree with your comment
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    CM 14 BETA Testing

    I just tried with the latest version of CM (14.0) and it worked with win8 64bits. Thanks for your advice and thanks to Rinaldo
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    CM 14 BETA Testing

    Same happen like other people. I have win8 64 bits and CM 14 does not work.