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    Patch Ultimate 09 DOWNLOAD

    boys he isnt making money here, he just want to collect money for hosting and domain, and i thing that i will make similar :)
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    STEALTHRON faces [09]

    try to inprove eyes and nose :browsmiley:
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    josip's Face attempt

    nice, but try to fix nose holes and eye brows...
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    Woomar Faces

    dl=download :D he want to download and install ;)
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    FIFA 09 Gemist Editing Thread

    a hug :33vff3o:
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    Omerz face's

    nice, maybe too dark :S
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    Omerz face's

    wow, this is great
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    FIFA 09 Gemist Editing Thread

    nice kits, keep working:dance:
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    09 Faces by. YoYoCena

    can you give DL link? please? face is great
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    Faces first info !

    will be there update for oedit? or how you will make faces? now is in oedit very hard:mad::taz:
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    how to add player

    i dont know how to add player, can someone help? please explain me
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    Picture thread

    he used a pes texture :crazy:
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    Picture thread

    i need pic of luka modric, and other croatian players.. tnx ahead
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    Better fsh of faces and hairs

    here is tutorial how to make 2.5g face fsh: [img=] download pic and watch it. and here is already edited files, you must just inport texture and write your id on fsh Download...
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    No Fifa09 for PC?

    please just answer if it will be next gen? tnx ahead...:)
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    Face Design Master Specs

    when will be next version?
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    Apple faces 08

    woowwww this is real pic x)
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    Picture thread

    vali whan you will upload all pes textures?
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    Matias face thread

    it is very good but face is bit to long, update it please ;)
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    here is picture, just click on this text