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    Creation master 07 - beta tester wanted

    In your creation master, will you change the tactic management too. My email [email protected] Thanks.
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    FIFA 07 Gameplay Patch

    Very good patch, i don't known if you have modified a lot of thing but it's excellent. If you can , when player have the ball, he have it a long moment in his food before he make his shoot or passes, can you reduce this time, please and another thing, it's possible to modify the tactic...
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    New gameplay + lighting system

    The link don't work , how do you do. Thanks
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    To Sekpabola And Pubb

    If you want, you could make and option file together for people who dont have a faster connexion(56 k) instead doing 2 option file separataly. The gameplay of SEKPABOLA is excellent and the idea of PUBB is excellent too. Thanks.
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    Teamwork for PES editing thread

    Pubb, for people have 56 k and don't take phoenix patch, could you make only option file for them please. The SEKPABOLA option file is excellent and he would make an update, could him associate with you to make ONE FINAL PATCH; Thanks.
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    EA Sports makes EURO 2004 game

    It's exactly that i think. I tell that often, when you respect people no for their money you can make a very good game for them. But EA think only money. But the problem for them, it's that there is PES this year and they understand that licence and graphics don't make a complete game. So...
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    EA wants researchers to help with FIFA 2005

    EA take us for idiot's or another thing. It's a business society, very big society, and they need us to give them informations, statistics etc. IF YOU GIVE ME A BETA TEST OF FIFA 2005 AND 15 OR 20 DAYS + MONEY I CAN MAKE A VERY GOOD GAME WITH THEIR BETA. I will work 8 hours by day to do...
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    EA wants researchers to help with FIFA 2005

    Why us? we aren't paid for this, if only they make a very good game ok, but they arent able to do that. If finally we're sure the game will be good, i don't tell as that, but for every year and particulary this year i'm disapear by this game. I don't believe them when they tell something now.
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    EA wants researchers to help with FIFA 2005

    What EA want? I don't understand? Why they want us, they are 100 or 200 people in their staff who made FIFA 2004. And finally : bad gameplay, not cup as CHAMPION LEAGUES, UEFA, International competition, not possibilities to configure gamepad, bugs, etc. If they ask me to help their...
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    "Fifa 2004 Gameplay Upgrade v 2" is coming to PC's Near you!!!

    KASHIF, Don't listen people who apologize racism and segregation. Jealous is in all people and civilisation. I am 38 year old and by my experience of life, you must accept critics and other things. When you go out in your bed the morning, and see you in a mirror, you tell you that you're in...
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    EURO 2004 Packshot

    Nice cover but we buy a game only for a cover?!!!
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    I am selling my FIFA 2004

    Elder, Welcome to pes 3, i know it's the bad forum but i was exactly as you. A furious fifa fan but this year it's not possible. I pay my game 60 euros and i'm disapointed. Where is a really football in this game, about 10-25 matches, you can't support to play a simulation football like EA...
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    EA Sports makes EURO 2004 game

    We compare two games. If you love fifa ok for you but we can say that fifa isn't a very good game. We talk about fifa in first and not pes. If i want talk pes i do it in pes3 forum. But actually my problem is fifa and not pes. For me Pes is better fifa ACTUALLY but i say that in fifa...
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    file front and dap

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    EA Sports makes EURO 2004 game

    My priorities isn't FIFA but buy eating to my family and my children. But when i see publicities about FIFA 2004, etc i think it will be a very good game but ?? It's my vision , if you think i'm not right, i can't tell you more but when you have responsabilities in your life , you must do a...
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    file front and dap

    how do you do with dap and file front to collect files. When i go on file front, i right click and go to download all with dap but after i can't open the files. I utilise only the microsoft browser. what do i do please. Thanks.
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    EA Sports makes EURO 2004 game

    My way isn't to whinning in a forum about fifa all day to augment my point to be veterans or master forum. I have another thing to do, but when you attack FIFA, people don't understand your words, i try to make intelligent critics. Before i don't like PES because it haven't official licence...
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    EA Sports makes EURO 2004 game

    Mandieta6 I undesrstand very well your position but i can't support each year the problem or evaluate of EA about FIFA. Since 98 i buy fifa and support their problem, they tell us that fifa 2004 will be ok, fifa 2003 ok but fifa 2004 will be revolution etc etc but i'm not a children, i'm not...
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    EA Sports makes EURO 2004 game

    If you have money to give EA ok it's your problem but i think we must not be good with EA this year. When everybody have played FIFA demo all people says that it was good but after!!! We must have a good test to see if EURO 2004 is good. The problem with me it's that i don't believe to EA...
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    EA Sports makes EURO 2004 game