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    FIFA 2018 WC Qualification Patch

    first clone any kits of any teams to your created team then import the kits rx3 to your team
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    Problem with new league

    First after creation the leage you must be shure that the leage ID you created is the same with the ID tournament of your leage in fifa in career mode Second you must copy the calender of any leage that use 10 teams with 4 games To your leage, donot creat the calender this is that do crash to...
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    Creation Master 15 Doesn't Work On Windows 10?

    It works great on my windows 10 fresh iso
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    Problem with my created team

    First you must open creation master by your language ,like english ,dont use the first choice (that called open fifa 2015).. After you creat your team you must make regenerat Bh Then open your game by language that used in creation master, like english
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    Kit Numbers Do Not Work and Save/Generation

    Download another rx3 kitnumber and add it it will work Do it with all kits it will resolve the problem